Everything you need to know about Skill Assessment from Engineers Australia

Everything you need to know about Skills Assessment from Engineers Australia
CDR Report / Skill Assessment

Everything you need to know about Skill Assessment from Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia(EA) is the assessing body for those who want to migrate to Australia as a skilled workforce. Australia provides an opportunity for skilled applicants to work, live and study in Australia. The skill assessment from Engineers Australia(EA), opens the door for skilled migration and many other employment opportunities. 

Engineers Australia(EA) evaluates your educational qualification, work experience, ability and skills, and English Language Test in the skill assessment. There are various pathways for your skill assessment. Engineers Australia provides six application pathways for migration skills assessment. They are:

1. Accredited Qualifications
  • Australian Qualifications
  • Washington Accord Qualifications
  • Sydney Accord Qualifications
  • Dublin Accord Qualifications
  • Other Recognized Qualifications
2. Non- Accredited Qualifications
  • Competency Demonstration Report(CDR)

Accredited Qualification is for Australian and overseas engineering qualifications which are recognized via formal international agreements. Since non-accredited qualifications are recognized worldwide, and that is why CDR Report is needed for applicants from non-accredited candidates.

Skill Assessment Fee Structure

The application fee for skill assessment is given on the website of Engineers Australia. You will be charged an additional cost for extra services. You can make payments through a credit card like American Express, Master Card, or BPAY. Don’t forget to review your application twice before submitting it to the EA. Once you make the payment, then EA will not be refunded. Those applicants living in Australia will pay 10% GST on the application fee. 

Skill Assessment Process

You can view the status of your skill assessment from the Engineers Australia dashboard portal if any document requirements are missing. You can log into your Engineers Australia portal and submit the requested information from there. 

Skill Assessment Outcome and Validity

If your assessment is accepted, the EA assessor will send an email to the assessment outcome letter for migration purposes. If you have applied for a visa through a migration agent, it will send you a skill assessment verification letter.  

Engineers Australia has not set the limitations of the expiry date. However, the Department of Home Affairs’ validity policy differs from Engineers Australia. If they ask you for an updated letter, you need to contact Engineers Australia for further instruction and a full payment form to receive an updated letter. 

Review and Appeal Application

Are you satisfied with the outcome letter from your EA assessor? Well, you can submit a review and appeal application if you think your assessment didn’t come as you expected. 

You need to submit a review application within three months of the date you receive your outcome letter. For this, you need to fill up the “Application for Review of Outcome Letter” Form with the necessary changes. You need to include a cover letter explaining the reason behind your review request. However, you cannot add additional information that you missed in your application. Even after your review application, you can still apply for an appeal if you are not satisfied with your result. 

You can submit an appeal application after receiving your review outcome letter. You need to apply it within six months of receiving your original outcome letter. You need to fill the application for an appeal of the assessment outcome submitted along with the appeal application fee. It is the final process for the review.

Engineers Australia(EA) will refund the fee provided for review and appeal application if these applications’ outcome is the same as the original assessment outcome letter without additional documents.

What are the components of the CDR Report?

The components of the CDR Report are 3 Career Episodes, Summary statements, and Continuing Professional Development(CPD).

1. Career Episodes

Career Episode shows the competencies for the Engineering category that you applied for. It must be written in the English Language. If you have written in another language, then translate it into English. The assessor assesses your abilities and communication skills. Each Career Episode needs to be about 1000 to 2500 words. The career episode strictly needs to be written in the active voice in the first person. The engineers can apply for a skills assessment under the following categories. They are: 

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

Career Episode Report needs to reflect all your competency elements. Career Episode Writing is difficult for engineers who are unaware of the technical requirement of Engineers Australia. All three report needs to be divided into four sections: Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity, and Summary. 

2. Summary Statement CDR Report

Summary Statement is the most difficult and important part of CDR, and it should not be more than one page long. On the last page of CDR, you need to mention how the career episode has been written, and here you need to showcase all your engineering skills.

The Summary Statement is the abstract of the three career episodes. It is the most important and difficult part of any Competency Demonstration Report(CDR). The summary statement must provide a cross-indexing of the paragraphs that have been written in each career episode. An accurate number of the indicators, units, and elements indicated in Career Episodes have to be mentioned in each competency element. It has its way of writing for a different occupation. 

3. Continuing Professional Development CDR Report

Continuing Professional Development Report needs to be submitted to Engineers Australia to keep them up-to-date with developments in the present situations. It should be written in the following format: 

  • Title of Training
  • Date of Training
  • Duration of Training
  • Place of Training

It must be submitted by filling in a CPD table. The table includes conferences and seminars you have attended, workshops or courses you completed, and other books or journals related to the engineering field. Your CPD should reflect all the processes that you make for the engineering report. It is tough for anyone to write it on their own. So get help from CDR Writing Professional to assist you.

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