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    CDR samples

    High quality CDR report samples

    The CDR Report samples we provide here are only for reference. Though you can obtain a CDR Sample for any Engineering discipline from us, we strongly advise against copying and pasting any material from it in the final Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) you submit to Engineers Australia (EA) when applying for a skilled migration visa. EA strictly prohibits plagiarism. If you want a quality, plagiarism-free CDR report at the best price then contact us.

    CDRWritersHub has a team of highly experienced engineers and professional writers who assist candidates in preparing their CDR on a regular basis. The sample CDR below is written on the basis of the most recent Migration Skills Assessment booklet, which is published by the EA on a regular basis and lists the competencies Engineers Australia is looking for. It includes a Sample CPD, a Sample Career Episode, and a Sample Summary Statement.

    cdr sample of aeronautical engineers

    Aeronautical Engineers

    ANZSCO 233911
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    cdr sample of agricultural engineers

    Agricultural Engineers

    ANZSCO 233912
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    cdr sample of bio-medical engineers

    Bio-Medical Engineers

    ANZSCO 233913
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of chemical engineers

    Chemical Engineers

    ANZSCO 233111
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of civil engineers

    Civil Engineers

    ANZSCO 233211
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of electrical engineering draftsperson

    Electrical Engineering Draftsperson

    ANZSCO 312311
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of electrical engineers

    Electrical Engineers

    ANZSCO 233311
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of electronic engineers

    Electronics Engineers

    ANZSCO 233411
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of engineering manager

    Engineering Manager

    ANZSCO 133211
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of engineering technologist

    Engineering Technologist

    ANZSCO 233914
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of engineering engineers

    Environmental Engineers

    ANZSCO 233915
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of geotechnical engineers

    Geotechnical Engineers

    ANZSCO 233212
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of industrial engineers

    Industrial Engineers

    Check Sample
    cdr sample of material engineers

    Material Engineers

    ANZSCO 233112
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of mechanical engineers

    Mechanical Engineers

    ANZSCO 233512
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of mining engineers

    Mining Engineers

    ANZSCO 233611
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of navel engineers

    Naval Architect

    ANZSCO 233916
    Check Sample
    cdr sample of petroleum engineers

    Petroleum Engineers

    ANZSCO 233612
    Check Sample
    production or plant engineers

    Production or Plant Engineers

    ANZSCO 233513
    Check Sample
    structural engineers

    Structural Engineers

    ANZSCO 233214
    Check Sample
    telecom network engineers

    Telecom Network Engineers

    ANZSCO 263312
    Check Sample
    telecommunication engineers

    Telecommunication Engineers

    ANZSCO 263311
    Check Sample
    telecommunication field engineers

    Telecommunications Field Engineers

    ANZSCO 313212
    Check Sample
    telecommunication network planner

    Telecommunications Network Planner

    ANZSCO 313213
    Check Sample
    telecommunication technical officer

    Telecommunications Technical Officer

    ANZSCO 313214
    Check Sample
    transport engineers

    Transport Engineers

    ANZSCO 233215
    Check Sample

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    Frequently asked questions

    Here is the list of most common questions asked by our clients regarding regarding our CDR report services, and skill assessment process.

    How to apply for Skills Assessment?
    Engineers Australia supports a Temporary Graduate Visa(Subclass 485) Application. However, for all other types of visas, Engineers Australia Skills Assessment involves considering both qualification and work experience. Employment or work experience is compulsory.
    What should I do to apply for a Migration Skills Assessment?
    Initially, you need to apply online for a Migration Skills Assessment, selecting the pathway appropriate to your membership eligibility.
    • If you have Australian Accredited Qualifications, pick the Australian Qualifications pathway;
    • If you have Accord Qualifications, then choose the Accord pathway;
    • And, if you have been through a Stage 1 Assessment, then choose the CDR pathway
    What is CDR Report for Engineers Australia?
    A CDR Report is a document used by Engineers Australia to evaluate the capability of engineers on the basis of engineering skills and knowledge, management, communication, and leadership. All Engineers who want to migrate to Australia from overseas are NOT signatories of the Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, or Dublin Accord need to go through stage 1 skills assessment by CDR pathway.
    What is CPD?
    A CPD is a record of all formal and informal activities you carried out as your nominated Engineering Occupation training. Engineers Australia seeks all those activities you have undergone to gain knowledge and progress in your learning. It should be listed in chronological order.
    What are the documents required for Skill Assessment?
    The required documents are:
    1. Application fee
    2. Photograph
    3. Proof of Identity
    4. Change of Name(If)
    5. Qualification Evidence
    6. Employment Evidence
    7. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
    What is ANZSCO Code?
    ANZSCO is termed as Australian and New Zealand Standards Classification of Occupation. The occupation code is the 6 digit code grouped by occupation type.