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    We provide various other services for skills assessment.

    IPENZ NewZealand

    IPENZ NewZealand

    The IPENZ stands for The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand. It serves as a powerful membership body and plays a particular role in one of the most significant businesses in which New Zealand has been active. IPENZ New Zealand functions as a team and plays a useful role in the technological growth and advancement of the Engineering community.

    “What is ENZ?”

    Engineering New Zealand (ENZ) is previously known as Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand – IPENZ) is a non-profit professional body that promotes the integrity and interests of engineering members, their profession, and the whole industry.

    IPENZ NewZealand

    NER Australia

    What is NER? NER is the registration system developed by Engineers Australia called the National Engineering Register. When someone is enrolled on NER, it gets a badge reflecting professional appreciation, public confidence, and professionalism.

    “Who is eligible to get their registration to the NER?”

    Engineers Australia members,Chartered members and non-members of EA who have accumulated five years of experience in the engineering industry in their field(s) of practice over the last seven years.

    NER Australia

    IMAREST CEng UK Council

    IMAREST CEng UK Council The (IMAREST) Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology is that the body and society of international membership for marine professionals operating within the field of marine engineering, science, or technology. It is registered in the United Kingdom.

    “What are the MAREST categories? ”

    MAREST has multiple categories of membership which offer people the freedom to choose the profession under IMAREST. They are Commercial Shipping, Biotechnology, Marine renewable, Navigation and communication, Offshore oil and gas etc.


    P.Eng For Canada

    A new application framework for qualified engineers qualifying for Canada has been introduced by APEGBC. APEGBS stands for the BC Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists, and P.Eng (Canada) Competency Report Competency evaluation tool is intended to defend the respected credibility, transparency, and competence of the P.Eng classification in Canada.

    “How our expert helps in preparing P.Eng competence assessment for Canada?”

    We understand your case in its entirety and explain in the best way the best examples of your recent engineering practices under each main competency and help to illustrate your skill achievement. The engineering samples chosen by our expert writers will represent projects and activities.

    P.Eng For Canada

    IEPNG Papua New Guinea

    IEPNG is an engineering institution in Papua New Guinea that conducts a competency-based assessment (CBA). Now they are not pursuing the usual assessment of skills rather than the competency-based evaluation systems (CBAS).  You can get assistance from our experts for Engineering Competency Assessment Report (ECR) to engineers in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

    “Who are eligible to apply in CBA for IEPNG? ”

    There are four basic evaluation standards, they are Engineers fellows of the Institution or Members who are professional Registered engineers, Professional Engineering-Companions, Graduate Members, Students and Technicians, Engineering, Technologist Registers and Engineering Technician Register.


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    Things to Consider

    Things to Consider Before Hiring a Experts

    Are you seeking for best CDR writing service provider? You must follow a few things so that you get skills visa migration for Australia.


    Should be based in Australia

    You must always work with the oranization that is based in Australia. For example CDRWriters is Australia based service provider and know all the standards set by the EA (Engineers Australia) and know every aspects of changes and update news for skill asssessment.
    Certified Engineers as CDR Writers

    Service Provider must be certified engineers

    Always select the one which have professional writers and engineers to prepare the CDR report. Engineers Australia thoroughly check every aspect of the report so only the certified engineers can prepare high quality CDR report.
    Must be familiar with immigration process

    Must be familiar with immigration process

    You must select the one who not only know to prepare CDR report but also are familiar with immigration process and migration skill assessment process recognized by the authorized body like Engineers Australia.
    registered in Australia

    Service Provider should be registered in Australia

    CDRWritersHub is licensed and registered in Australia. Our professional writers are fully capable to provide the best RPL report that can help you to get a positive skill assessment.

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    CDRWritersHub for Migration Skills Assessment

    We are Australia’s leading service provider for CDR writing service. Our experts can guide you to get a positive assessment from Engineers Australia

    Engineers Australia wants you to prepare and submit your CDR report yourself so that you can show your skills and knowledge. But the low-quality CDR report always has a bad impression and you might get rejected by EA.

    So, provide assistance to prepare the perfect CDR report that can guarantee approval for skill assessment. Our professional writers have guided and assisted many engineers to get a skilled visa for Australia. Our experts can prepare the customized report for any specific engineering job or occupation. Hundreds of applicants are getting a positive assessment, when will you?

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