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    ACS RPL Report

    RPL Report Writing Services

    RPL Report Writing

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    This program is intended for those migrant engineers who completely meet the ACS ICT Skill Assessment criteria. ACS is an Australian Computer Society authorized to access the skill assessment. The applicants need to follow the booklet of ACS (Australian Computer Society) in which all the guidelines and tips for the RPL Report are described. The applicants have to fill out the ACS Recognition of prior learning (RPL) document and submit it to the application form as a PDF.

    Guidelines to prepare RPL report

    Recognition of prior learning for ACS should be written in the format recommended by the assessing body. If you do not follow examples from the RPL, your RPL report will be immediately rejected. Here are some guidelines and tips to prepare an RPL report.

    You must use correct data and information to write your ACS RPL report if you use fake data, your migration might be canceled.
    It is the duty of the applicant to point out when you draw from others. You should specifically state the proposals of the other candidate and the form he used, including examples and diagrams.
    You have to write a 100% plagiarism-free Australian RPL report. It should not be copying and pasting from the websites of others or the internet at all. Sometimes they have to report your original projects used to write ACS RPL report and if you have not produced it will be banned and it will be reported to the IBP department.
    ACS has the right to check whether or not the report provided by the RPL is yours. To detect duplicates, they may use TURNITIN software. So, please freshly write your report. It is not supposed to match any other migrants.
    If any testing point is found to be plagiarized, your submission will be reported to the Australian Government and your assessment of expertise will be withdrawn and fees paid will not be refunded due to false information that you have provided. So at this point, be careful.

    Format of RPL Report for ACS Australia

    Section 1: The Key Areas of Knowledge:
    In this section the applicants needs to mention the qualifications and working experience and also meets the selected skills knowledge. This also consist of two topics:
    • Essential ICT Knowledge
    • General ICT Knowledge
    Section 2: The RPL Project Report:
    RPL project report is the description of projects where you engaged and allows you to demonstrate yourself to show how you perform as ICT professionals. Each project report should be undertaken ICT professional career. This RPL project report aims to enable you to showcase yourself in the area of knowledge mentioned in Section 1. ACS calls for two records of the RPL project report. The first must be from the last 3 years and the 2nd from the last five years.

    Tips to prepare excellent RPL Report for ACS Australia

    Identify the Area of Knowledge topic that you have chosen to explain by entering the name of the Area of Knowledge topic in the box.
    Explain, in the expandable typing area, how you have acquired the knowledge and illustrate the depth of that knowledge.
    You should NOT address all subtopics included in the Area of Knowledge in your explanation. Address at least TWO of the subtopics. Enter the subtopic name(s) in the box.
    Be clear and concise in your explanation.
    Limit each explanation to no more than one to one and a half pages.

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