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    CDR Report Writing

    CDR Report Writing Services for Engineers Australia

    Suppose you want to get Migration Skills Assessment. In that case, you must have qualifications from Australia or countries that are full signatories to the Sydney Accord, Dublin Accord, or Washington Accord. But the applicants that Engineers Australia does not accredit must submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

    CDRWritersHub provides professional CDR report writing services and guarantees approval by Engineers Australia. Therefore, the applicants from the countries which EA does not accredit have to submit the well-documented CDR report and showcase your engineering skills, knowledge, and work experience through that report.


    Career Episodes Writing

    Three career episodes must be submitted to EA. It shows the applicant's skills, knowledge, capacity, and work experience in engineering.
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    Summary Statement Writing

    Summary Statements is a summary of three career episodes. The career episodes must be analyzed and cross-referenced to the career episode paragraph.
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    CPD Report Writing

    Continuing Professional Development writing is something you can not afford to ignore. It will provide information on the current activities of the engineer.
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    Competency Demonstration Report

    What is CDR report?

    A CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is a technical report presented by overseas students to be evaluated and verified by Engineers Australia. Students preparing to migrate to Australia for studies or employment must write CDR without making errors, mistakes, or duplication. Engineers Australia is an intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced, professional community. They will immediately only accept the report if they are pleased with the expertise and understanding of the ability to migrate engineering students. They will only consent when it is presented in line with their expectations.

    How to write best CDR report ?

    Students must submit specific technical reports that are plagiarism-free, error-free, and grammatical-error-free. They must never duplicate-paste from other websites or sources and always write in compliance with immigration officials and Engineers Australia’s rules and regulations. The CDR report should include three episodes of the job, a summary statement, and professional career development. It should consist of education experience, problem-solving skills, position in the current designation, winning awards, and other vital information. CDR is a critical report, and a masterpiece report should be composed by students leaving for Australia for further studies.

    Importance of CDR report

    CDR is presented to Engineers Australia by undergraduate engineering students who move to Australia for postgraduate courses or career prospects. It is important to remember that Australian universities and professional engineering colleges that provide postgraduate courses should require minimal information from international students who move to their country for doctoral studies. All engineering colleges expect their students to be professional, intelligent, and flexible. CDR will provide insight into the international students’ mentality, knowledge, and understanding capabilities. Professional colleges that offer postgraduate courses in various engineering fields will be able to comprehend the international students’ skill sets. With a CDR, the EA will find it easier to determine the student’s knowledge and skills.

    Competency Demonstration Report

    List of components of CDR assessment

    Personal Information
    Application Information
    CDR Report

    Personal Information

    All the personal information like recently taken passport size photograph, current passport bio-data page or a scanned national identity card, name change documentation, curriculum Vitae (CV)/ Resume ,name and location of an organization ,dates and duration of employment. At last, provide a summary of the roles you performed in the organization. You can’t apply for skill assessment until you have english language competency result card.

    Application Information

    Select the engineering occupation in which you want to seek a skills assessment. Then, you need to provide enough proof of your professional registration for the selected engineering occupation.


    Provide evidence of the academic qualifications that you mentioned on the report. All the documents that prove your qualification must be submitted. You need to submit scanned copy of degrees, certificates as well as official transcripts of qualification degree. If you have recently enrolled in any formal education then you must submityour enrollment letter and current transcript.


    All the documents related to your work experience must be submitted for skills assessment. The document must be on the English language, if not it should be translated by an authorized translator. Both the original language and translated copy should then be provided.

    CDR Report

    The CDR report must contain three distinct career episodes along with a summary statement and a Continuing Professional Development document (CPD).

    working procedure

    Here’s how you can get your quality CDR report in a few steps

    We work in 3 Simple Steps for writing CDR Report for Engineers Australia




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    At first, discuss your CDR report with our experts and submit the necessary documents and details to start the work.

    “Do you help in selecting correct ANZSCO code?”

    Yes, we also provide help in selecting the right ANZSCO code for our clients. When you order our services we will also be able to provide you with advice on the ANZSCO code.




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    Then, make the quoted payment for the order that you placed. You only need to make a partial payment first so that the writers can start writing.

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    Get Plagiarism Free CDR

    After the final payment, we will send you a top-quality plagiarism-free report within or even before the deadline.

    “Can I ask for changes on the CDR report?”

    Yes, you can point out changes to make in the report. We will send your final report, after the changes and improvement.


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    Things to Consider

    Things to Consider Before Hiring a CDR Writer

    Are you seeking for best CDR writing service provider? You must be aware of following few things so that you get skills visa migration for Australia.


    Should be based in Australia

    You must always work with the oranization that is based in Australia. For example CDRWriters is Australia based service provider and know all the standards set by the EA (Engineers Australia) and know every aspects of changes and update news for skill asssessment.
    Certified Engineers as CDR Writers

    CDR writers must be certified engineers

    Always select the one which have professional writers and engineers to prepare the CDR report. Engineers Australia thoroughly check every aspect of the report so only the certified engineers can prepare high quality CDR report.
    Must be familiar with immigration process

    Must be familiar with immigration process

    You must select the one who not only know to prepare CDR report but also are familiar with immigration process and migration skill assessment process recognized by the authorized body like Engineers Australia.
    registered in Australia

    CDR Writing Service should be registered in Australia

    CDRWriters is licensed and registered in Australia. Our professional writers are fully capable to provide the best RPL report that can help you to get a positive skill assessment.

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    So, provide assistance to prepare the perfect CDR report that can guarantee approval for skill assessment. Our professional writers have guided and assisted many engineers to get a skilled visa for Australia. Our experts can prepare the customized report for any specific engineering job or occupation. Hundreds of applicants are getting a positive assessment, when will you?

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