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Get high-quality career episodes for the Engineers Australia

You prepare high-quality career episodes for the CDR report. You need to submit three career episodes with three different projects for skill assessment.

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    Career Episode

    Career Episode Writing Service

    Career Episode Writing Service

    The CDR report is submitted to show your competency for a skills migration visa. The three career episodes are submitted to Engineers Australia. Career Episode is a document that shows the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and competency through their projects. Engineers Australia checks your career episode and judges whether your skills and knowledge match the standard of Australia. A good quality CDR report helps to get a positive skill assessment.

    Career Episode is an essential component of the CDR report. The applicants need to submit three career episodes with distinct projects. The EA accessor checks your career episode and analyzes your academic, professional, writing, educational, communication, management skills, and capabilities.

    You should submit an error-free and high-quality career episode report to get a positive skill assessment from Engineers Australia. CDRWriters can help you prepare a professional career episode to increase your chances of getting a skills visa migration.

    Why do we write Career Episode in the CDR?

    Career Episode is an opportunity for visa applicants to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for the category of employment they have nominated for immigration. Engineers Australia defines four occupational categories for Skilled Migration. They are Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Engineering Associates, and Engineering Managers.

    What should be included on career episode?
    • With the aid of Proof, your actions and their consequences that can be proved,
    • Your thought processes, attitudes, approaches, and techniques that you used to fulfill your project mission,
    • Your skills, competencies, abilities in that career episode, and
    • Details of the MSA booklet's elements and sub-elements of all competencies.
    What should not be included on career episode?
    • The accomplishments and projects of your company,
    • The history or origins of your company or its size or market position,
    • Your job or project's Technicalities,
    • Your company rank or respect you command or appreciation that you ordered, or
    • Your claims to know or have accomplished something that can not be validated.

    Topics for Career Episode Writing

    Career episodes show you have developed knowledge and skills for your chosen role. Since you need to write three CEs in CDR, the topics of your career series must be carefully selected. Here are three ways to integrate the competency elements identified by EA into your profession’s specific experiences. You should pick up an idea for your career episode :

    Engineering projects, seminars or software festivals that you conducted during your educational program
    A project you worked on (or are currently working on) at the start of your career
    A particular role you filled (or currently occupy) in your career. Note, you don't merely have to mention what your main roles or accomplishments in your team were in this situation.
    EA needs to see what role you have played in the organization in particular. It wants a strong sense of duty.
    Any specific engineering issue or breakthrough that you have been working on.

    Rules for writing Career Episode

    Each of career episode must highlight and show your skills, abilities, and capabilities in the field of Engineering.
    Each career episode report should be minimum of 1000 words to a maximum of 2500 words in length.
    It should be written in the first person
    Write about your skills, abilities, experience, knowledge etc. in the field of engineering and mention the specific time or duration of the experiences.
    The three career episodes should cover different experiences or skills on your experience in the field of engineering.

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