CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineering

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Engineers Australia approved CDR sample for Agricultural Engineers.

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    Agricultural Engineering ANZSCO 233912

    CDR sample for Agricultural Engineering

    CDR sample for Agricultural Engineering

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    To get employment in the Agriculture Engineering Industry, you need to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Science. It is 4 years pathway. The farming industry, government, environmental agencies, and non-profit organizations offer jobs for agricultural engineers. There is a high chance of getting a job in Australia with professional knowledge and skills in agricultural machinery, fertilization, irrigation systems, soil nutrient, and mechanical and civil disciplines.

    Agricultural Engineers need to include Resume or Curriculum Vitae(CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), 3 Career Episodes(CE), and Summary Statement in the CDR Samples. CDR Samples need to contain the following information:

    Curriculum Vitae or Resume needs to be based on a professional template.
    Continuing Professional Development(CPD):
    Continuing Professional Development is the documentation that filters the Engineering Knowledge of the candidates written in 350 words.
    Career Episodes:
    Agriculture Engineers need to submit 3 career episodes showing their work during their study or work.

    Agriculture Engineer Career Episode Sample 1

    Project Name: “Evaluation of different rice milling machines”

    In the first Career Episodes, the candidates introduce a project titled “Evaluation of different rice milling Machines,” where they worked as an agriculture engineers for 2 years. The responsibilities performed in this project are:

    To supervise and define the project’s reach among the members and assistance of the project
    Making decisions on collecting several samples of rice
    To create the experimental process of different samples of rice at various dials of milling machines
    To define the milling capacity and efficiency of various milling machines
    To assess several mills of rice as per the broken percentage of various types of rice
    To suggest the best practices of milling to the framer’s and to permit for buying several milling machines
    To prepare the report as well as coordinate the process, test and experiment various machines of mills and agriculture

    Agriculture Engineer Career Episode Sample 2

    Project Name: “Familiarization with Dehusking Machines”

    In the Second Career Episode, the authors explain the “Familiarization with Dehusking Machines,” which they have carried out in the Agricultural Machinery Center as an Agricultural Engineer. The primary responsibilities are:

    To create the de-husking machine with the help of AutoCAD and to acquire information related to wheat and wheat husk in detail.
    To create the de-husking machine’s sieving and grading unit with the help of AutoCAD.
    To execute the fabrication of separators using several mechanical tools and machines.
    To construct samples and carry out the procedure of de-husking for testing the machine.
    To check the machine’s performance for finding maximum rpm for de-husking wheat.
    To estimate the de-husked wheat and prepare a report on it.
    To execute the designed de-husking machine in the field.

    Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 3

    Project Name: “Making Strategies of farm mechanization project”

    In the third Career Episode, the author describes their work experience in a project titled “Making Strategies of farm mechanization project” which they executed as Deputy Executive Engineer at Agricultural Machinery Centre. The responsibilities performed are:

    To investigate the recent practices of agriculture based on farm machinery by farmers and get familiar with equipment and techniques used.
    To recommend the recent practices of agriculture with farm machinery or need-based farm machinery by farmers and get familiar with them.
    To propose various solutions, strategies, plannings, and necessities while preparing strategic planning.
    To regulate basic calculations like power and work, speed, flow rate, consumption of fuel, and so on in designing farm machinery and solving asked problems.
    To examine the prototype design with the help of various tools, approve, and analyze the developed design in software based on FEM.
    To provide training to the farmer’s stakeholders on different technologies used by the farmers.
    To observe and assess research activities concerning farm machinery.
    To investigate and control the quality of machinery.
    To prepare reports and documents regarding different stages.

    Agricultural Engineer Summary Statement

    Summary Statement detailed describes all the competency elements. It is about 1500 words.

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