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    RPL Report Writing Services for Australian Computer Society

    The applicants who don’t have ICT qualifications or any tertiary ICT qualifications can apply for the RPL skill assessment for Australia. Australian Computer Society(ACS) is the authorized body that reviews your skill assessment. In simple language, the RPL report is submitted to ACS to assess the knowledge and skills of applicants under ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment.

    The well-documented RPL report helps to showcase the ICT skills, knowledge, and work experience. CDRWritersHub provide professional RPL report writing services with guaranteed ACS approval.

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    What is RPL report?

    The applicants who are willing to migrate to Australia for skill assessment on ICT-related careers but don’t have a degree of ICT qualification must submit an RPL report to the Australian Computer Society. ACS assesses the knowledge and skills through the RPL report under Australia Migration Skills Assessment.

    Categories for RPL Assessment Application

    The two categories in which the applicants can apply for RPL ACS Assessment are:

    The candidates who don’t have an ICT qualifications degree need to have a minimum of six years of professional experience in the ICT-related field. The field of employment also needs to be relevant to the nominated ANZSCO Code.
    The candidates who don’t have any tertiary qualifications must have added two years of professional experience, which means a total of eight years of experience. Though these two years of employment does not have to be relevant to the ANZSCO code

    Required Documents for ACS Skill Assessment

    Passport – Applicant details page only, not full passport
    Evidence of change of name (if applicable)
    Curriculum Vitae / Resume
    Education Degree or Award Certificate
    Mark sheets or Mark sheet transcript
    Work experience letter

    Format of ACS RPL report

    There are two sections in this format which are explained below.

    Section 1: Key Areas of Knowledge

    In this section qualifications and working experience are mentioned and it should meet the selected skills knowledge. This also consist of two topics:

    Essential Core ICT Knowledge
    It has two topics under this out of which only one topic is to be chosen.
    • Topic 1: ICT Professional Knowledge
    • You can gain the professional knowledge about various factors related to ICT in two situations. The first one is educational endeavors and another is work experience. Whereas there are many subtopics under this and you onlyneed to choose two sub-topics. The subtopics are Ethics, Professional Expectations, Concepts and Issues, Regarding Teamwork, Communication, Societal Issues.
    • Topic 2: ICT Problem Solving
    • The creative and innovative ideas that are required by the ICT professionals are explain in this area of knowledge. The ICT professional need to choose two topic out of three. The subtopics are Modelling Methods, The process to Understand Problems, Methods and Tools for Handling Abstraction.
    General ICT Knowledge
    There are three topics in general ICT knowledge stream out of which you can choose one and explained in the context of projects.
    • Topic 3: Technology Resources
    • Out of three sub-topics under this topic choose only two. The sub topics are Hardware and Software Fundamentals, Data and Information Management, Data Communications and Networking
    • Topic 4: Technology Building
    • Out of three sub-topics under this topic you need to choose only two. The sub topics are Human Factors, Programming, Information Systems Development and Acquisition
    • Topic 5: ICT Management
    • Out of three sub-topics under this topic choose only two and explain it. The sub topics are IT Governance and Organizational Issues, IT Project Management, ICT Service Management, Security Management.

    Section 2: RPL Project Reports

    In this section, the details of the projects are provided or explained. You need to choose two project reports: First one must be prepared based on a project you undertook within the last three years. Another one must be the project you undertook within the last five years.

    There are various sections in the form for each report which is explained below:

    General Project Details include the Project title, timeline, team size etc.
    After that, you mention the stages of the project divided into four parts.
    The next section is about the roles and responsibilities specific to the project.
    You have to tell about the business opportunity or problem on which the project was based
    Then you need to mention the contribution you had towards providing solutions to those problems.
    Afterwards, you also need to explain any design or problem-solving methods you used during the project.
    You have to list down the deliverables you were expected to give by the project end.
    Finally, you need to discuss the results sequentially with the contribution you provided towards the implementation of solutions, assessing project success or failure and providing extra points about things you could have done more or differently during the project.

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    Things to Consider

    Things to Consider Before Hiring a RPL Writer

    Are you seeking for best RPL writing service provider? You must be aware of following few things so that you get skills visa migration for Australia.


    Should be based in Australia

    You must always work with the oranization that is based in Australia. For example CDRWriters is Australia based service provider and know all the standards set by the ACS and know every aspects of changes and update news for skill asssessment.
    Certified Engineers as CDR Writers

    RPL writers must be professionals

    Always select the one which have professional writers and engineers to prepare the RPL report. Australian Computer Society thoroughly check every aspect of the report so only the professionals can prepare high quality RPL report.
    Must be familiar with immigration process

    Must be familiar with immigration process

    You must select the one who not only know to prepare RPL report but also are familiar with immigration process and migration skill assessment process recognized by the authorized body like Australian Computer Society.
    registered in Australia

    RPL Writing Service should be registered in Australia

    CDRWritersHub is licensed and registered in Australia. Our professional writers are fully capable to provide the best RPL report that can help you to get a positive skill assessment.

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