CDR Sample for Aeronautical Engineering

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Engineers Australia approved CDR sample for Aeronautical Engineers.

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    Aeronautical Engineering ANZSCO 233911

    CDR sample for Aeronautical Engineering

    CDR sample for Aeronautical Engineering

    CDR Sample for Aeronautical Engineer prepared by is EA recognized. We help prepare a perfect, faultless, or errorless CDR Report for Engineers Australia.

    Engineers Australia assesses the engineering qualification of Aeronautical Engineers with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Aeronautical Engineers usually deal with the aircraft’s investigation, design, expansion, construction, testing, working science, and technology. It is the most noteworthy subject among engineering disciplines. Moreover, engineers with high skills and qualifications are in high demand worldwide, along with Australia.

    The ANZSCO Code of Aeronautical Engineer that is listed in the Engineers Australia Skill Assessment list is 233911

    CDR Sample for Aeronautical Engineers incorporates all the required reports such as Resume or Curriculum Vitae(CV), Continuing Professional Development(CPD), 3 Career Episodes(CE), and Summary Statement. The CDR Report Samples contains the following contents: 

    An excellent resume or CV for Engineers Australia Assessment depends on a professional template.
    Continuing Professional Development(CPD):
    CPD for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment illuminates the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant. It should be around 250 words. The documents show how the applicant has developed their career to track so that they need to be assessed by the Engineers Australia for Skill Assessment in the desirable engineering occupation.
    Career Episodes:
    Aeronautical Engineers need to submit 3 career episodes reflecting their work during their study or work.

    Aeronautical Engineer Career Episode Sample 1

    Project Name: Modelling a new domestic Aerial Routes for the transport of goods or products- 2095 words

    In this career episode, the applicant describes the project he did when working as a manufacturing engineer/ product design engineer in Qatar Air Pvt. Ltd. The responsibilities of the applicant in the project” Creation of new domestic aerial routes for the transport of goods” were:

    To formulate a proper management plan to implement this project successfully.
    To execute the necessary research and investigation to determine the suitability of the new route.
    To measure the line’s performance that was used to transport goods or products to the new routes depending on the manufacturing handbooks and operating conditions like weather and runway distances.
    To execute the calculation for the pitch height based on the terrain elevation and ensure that this is included in the air traffic control regulations.
    To determine an alternative airport for all the routes in case of an emergency or flight averted for severe weather conditions.
    To explain the flight plane and update it in the navigation equipment system for the pilots.

    Aeronautical Engineer Career Episode Sample 2

    Project Name: “Installation and Removal of Engine Model IAE V2500 for equipment A320”- 1980 Words

    In the second Career Episode, the applicants need to explain the project work for the partial fulfillment of the graduation or post-graduation degree in Engineering Science. Their responsibilities in this project, ‘Installation and Removal of Engine Model IAE V2500 for equipment A320’ were: 

    To formulate and design the engineering order to perform the project tasks.
    To examine the safety provisions and place corrective measures.
    To connect and inspect the central bolts system that engaged in the engine to the tower.
    To perform the microscopic investigation and prepare a report of the tasks to obtain approval from the aviation authority.
    To work cordially with the chief engineer and technicians to ensure that the aircraft engine is correctly removed and installed.

    Aeronautical Engineer Career Episode Sample 3

    Project Name: “Adding extra rows seats and new cabin configuration for the A320 altitude”- 1994 words

    In this Career Episode, the applicant showcases their final project work as his graduation thesis at the respective University. The project was “Adding extra row seats and new cabin configuration for the A320 Altitude”. The primary responsibilities performed are:

    To advise the aircraft manufacturer to present the plan for the management of this project.
    To examine the performance graphs of maximum take-off weight and maximum landing weight for different airports’ pressure elevations.
    To perform various tests to obtain the certification of new seats from the engineer in charge.
    To perform the structural assessment of the aircraft fuselage and the framework, which was the part that holds the overall seat.
    To update the documentation and allocate the new data to the involved like air operation, ground handling, and flight crew to ensure the passengers’ safety and comfort.

    Consolidated Summary Statement

    This is the summary statement sample that demonstrates the section of competency. It consists of a consolidated report to describe 16 competencies elements that perfectly summarize how the applicant fulfills the required competencies based on the mentioned Carrer Episodes.

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