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    Frequently asked questions

    Here is the list of most common questions asked by our clients regarding regarding our CDR, RPL, KA02 report services, and skill assessment process.

    How to apply for CDR Migration Skill Assessment for new applicants?
    Initially, you need to apply online for a Migration Skills Assessment, selecting the pathway appropriate to your membership eligibility.
    • If you have Australian Accredited Qualifications, pick the Australian Qualifications pathway;
    • If you have Accord Qualifications, then choose the Accord pathway;
    • And, if you have been through a Stage 1 Assessment, then choose the CDR pathway

    Why do I require a CDR report for my skill assessment to Australia?
    A CDR Report is a document used by Engineers Australia to evaluate the capability of engineers on the basis of engineering skills and knowledge, management, communication, and leadership. All Engineers who want to migrate to Australia from overseas are NOT signatories of the Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, or Dublin Accord need to go through stage 1 skills assessment by CDR pathway.
    What are the important components of a CDR report for an engineer?
    The components of the CDR Report include 3 Career Episodes, a Summary Statement, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Each of them plays an important role in your CDR skill assessment process. Each section in the CDR report holds importance in getting your positive assessments.
    What are the most necessary qualification factors by Engineers Australia?
    Engineers Australia consider the following factors:
    • If you have a specialized qualification or whether your qualification has a major or if your qualification has a significant field of study which EA has identified
    • The depth and breadth of Study in the major
    • The employment outcomes of the qualification in the country concerned
    • Course requirements like thesis work, significant projects, internship, work placement
    Can I apply for CDR Skill Assessment with no work experience?
    Yes, CDR report without work experience can be written. For applicants lacking in projects reports can write it based on their academic projects, training, and workshops period. It allows you to have extra alternatives. Every episode must have a distinct title for the project, which is a requirement of EA and cannot be modified. You need to come up with at least three projects to discuss in your career episodes.
    Will I need English language competency proof during CDR assessment?
    Engineers Australia requires that all applicants provide evidence of their English language proficiency as part of their skill assessment. Engineers Australia accepts IELTS, TOEFL iBT and PTE Academic English test results no more than three years from the test date at the time of receiving your application.

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