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    EA feedback

    Engineers Australia (EA) requires candidates to include Continuing Professional Document (CPD), career episodes, and a summary statement on their Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). However, despite all of your hard work and effort, the CDR Report for Engineers Australia Assessment is frequently unsatisfactory. Engineers Australia (EA) frequently rejects CDR reports based on technicalities that the candidates are unaware of. As a result, CDR Review is critical to avoid wasting money, time, and effort. Our Highly Skilled Professional Engineers and Technical CDR Writers are here to review your Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and CPD. We guarantee that our CDR review satisfies all Engineers of Australia regulations.

    Reasons for rejection of CDR


    Plagiarism is a big problem when it comes to the CDR report for the Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment. Because it is your individual competency demonstration report for Engineers Australia, the CDR report must be unique. As a result, using plagiarized content in your CDR report for Engineers Australia led to CDR rejection.

    Word limit:

    When it comes to Career Episodes, the word limit is really important. The length of each career episode should be between 1,000 and 25000 words. You must contain the required information and EA competency issues within these word restrictions. As a result, only relevant material should be included in your career episodes.

    Lack of technical design:

    Your CDR report for the Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment should be technically proficient. There’s a good risk your CDR report will be rejected if you submit poor quality report.

    Improper documents:

    Your CDR reports will be rejected if the required documents do not accompany them. There’s a good chance your CDR may be refused if you applied for a job that doesn’t match your profile or didn’t attach the right documentation.

    Mistakes in career episodes:

    It is critical that the career episodes that you submit to Engineers Australia for skills assessment must be different. You need to showcase three different projects on your career episodes. Also, remember that the career episode should be your personal work experience, and you should discuss what you accomplished as an individual rather than what your organization did.

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