12 Ways to Write Perfect CDR Report

12 Ways to Write Perfect CDR Report
CDR Report / Skill Assessment

12 Ways to Write Perfect CDR Report

With the growth of engineering jobs, thousands of engineers are flying down to the country to hope to make it big in the engineering sector. If you are an engineer looking forward to building a career in Australia, you must be aware of the occupational categories that Engineers Australia identifies.

Choosing a category related to your qualification and prepare CDR Report to get a Skilled Migration Visa to settle in Australia. Engineers Australia is the authority that assesses the skills of the engineers, and it has several guidelines and standards that need to be followed while preparing the report.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the written document that requires to get permission from Engineers Australia. The various approach must be dealt with while writing a successful CDR. Every content in the CDR Report should not be copied from the Internet, but it can be taken as a reference.

A quality CDR Report works as an assessment benchmark that assesses the engineering degrees that you have earned and the experience you have collected by working in the field. If you do not write quality CDR, there is a higher chance of getting rejected. This review of the report from Engineers Australia can break your career or erase all your chances of securing a livelihood in Australia.

Even though you are an excellent student with brilliant grades and records, you might not get approved by Engineers Australia due to not impressive CDR Report. Now, it’s time to think twice while writing CDR Report. It is crucial to follow EA guidelines while writing CDR Report. Here is the list of things you need to consider while writing the CDR Report.

Expert Tips to Write CDR Report

1. Following Engineers Australia Guidelines

It is crucial to follow Engineers Australia and write the CDR as per the requirement. The technical problems you talked about in your CDR Report need to be addressed following Engineers Australia guidelines.

  • Summarized CV or Resume
  • Include Employment History like Name, Location, Contact Details of the organization
  • Employment Duration Date
  • Job title of the old organization
  • Your roles and activities as described in the appointment letter and a brief description of what you did there
  • You need to include CPD in the list format. It should not include more than one page long.
  • Career Episode should be written in English, about 1000 to 2500 words.
  • Your Career Episodes must be written in the format Career Episode 1( paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.), Career episode2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc

2. Don’t make Grammatical, Punctuation, and Spelling Errors.

While writing CDR for Engineers Australia, don’t use harsh words or tone. The tone must be formal, should be written in standards language that fits the standard sets by engineers.
Nobody is perfect, so writing and is the most challenging part of CDR Report Writing too. Everyone has their writing style. It would help if you avoided these errors in cdr writing services.

  • Don’t overuse adverbs
  • Don’t overstuff prepositional phrases
  • Obscure Modifiers
  • Cryptic Pronoun References
  • Common

3. Plagiarism Free Content

Please don’t copy content from the Internet, they are only for reference, and you need to research to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism content leads to the rejection from Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia is strict against plagiarism, and if they find any copied content or statement, there is a high chance of getting rejected. So, do not try to cheat.

Before submitting CDR Reports to Engineers Australia, you need to check the content by using advanced tools, paraphrase any CDR Report, and submit it to Engineers Australia. Research what to include in your Carrer Episode Report or CDR. Don’t forget to include your skills, experience, and your academic project reports step by step.

4. List the Documents

Lists the Documents you need to submit to Engineers Australia. Documents include the following:

  • Your personnel documents like birth certificate, passport, citizenship, and other vital documents
  • Your English Proficiency Test Proof-like IELTS, or TOEFL, or iBT result, or PTE
  • An updated copy of Curriculum Vitae or Resume with summarized work experience, educational qualification, experience, skills, and achievements
  • Registration Certificates, Academic Transcript, other additional documents
  • Evidence of previous employment
  • Summary Statement
  • 3 Career Episodes

5. Suitable Introduction

For the complete CDR Report, you need to include the introduction part, which needs about 100 words. You need to include the following information :

  • Name of the organization
  • History
  • Location of the organization
  • Title of your position

6. Appropriate Background

You need to include the content of where you have been studying or working in the background section. You need to include information like the Nature of the project, Nature of the work, Objectives or goal of the project, organizational order, job description, or statement of duties.

7. Personal Engineering Project

This is the central part of the Career Episode Report and is a body part. It is the content you include in your career episode and assessable by Engineers Australia. You need to describe your work experience without exceeding more than 1000 words. This is where you focus your roles and contributions to the project. Do not include group or team activities; instead, focus on your tasks. It should include the following information:

  • How you apply skill and knowledge
  • How you work with your team
  • Task performed by you and how you completed them
  • A technical problem occurred while performing tasks and how you solved them
  • Include creative design work

8. Insert Creative Design

The design activities have higher preferences in CDR Assessment. If you include technical, creative design, then your CDR Report will be assessed positively. You need to explain your engineering activities and highlight them in your CDR Report.

9. Explain about Technical Difficulties

The project detail you were engaged with and precisely what you contributed to the project are the essential parts to include in your career episode. Each project has some technical difficulties or problems that need to be solved while the project is in execution and included in the CDR Report. At least 3 technical problems need to be included in the CDR Report. You need to include these projects in the career episode.

10. Detail about the Project Management

Project Management supervises a project to meet a goal, timeline, and budget. For a perfect CDR Report, you need to include working duration, the job description of your duties, team members involved to solve the problem. Ensure to include technical detail information like a schedule, assigning the tasks to team members, and meeting the deadlines.

11. Summary Statement

It is the dream of a lot of people all around the world to pursue their career as an Engineer in Australia and immigrate there, but it is not an easy task you need to prepare and submit CDR Report as per your ANZSCO Code to the Engineers Australia. Many engineers fail to represent quality CDR Report to Engineers, and they get rejected.

That’s why we provide CDR Samples that can be taken as a reference while preparing CDR Report that gets you in Australia as an engineer. It includes the overall project review, your contribution to the project, and the project’s proceed to meet the goals and requirements.

Before writing the CDR Report, you need to understand the CDR Report contains 3 essential elements: Summary Statement, 3 Career Episodes, and Continuous Professional Development(CPD). Each of them has its importance in the CDR Report. Summary Statement is the one that the assessor read first. To demonstrate it carefully, you need to carefully prepare a Summary statement, including project skills, experience, and qualifications.

12. Write a perfect CPD.

For the Skilled Migration Assessment, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is required. Keep updated with engineering activities in CPD. Provide necessary information like title, date, duration, and name of the organization you took training. You need to write more than one page in CPD. Include knowledge and skills that maintain technical competency successfully that deal with changes and serve the better community. Get involved in the CPD activities, grow your network and contacts.

Writing a CDR Report is not an easy task instead, it can be pretty tedious. What happens to most of the candidates while writing CDR Report? They struggle with what to include in the report ends in the drab. So, I suggest every engineer divide the work and write about it. Here, start with including personal information, followed by the CPD, then 3 Career Episodes. And, in the end, write Summary Statement.

A CDR Report is a widely elaborated thing and therefore should be prepared very carefully. In the end, be confirm that you have followed all the standards provided by the EA to avoid any unfavorable outcome.

CDR Report Writing

CDR Writing needs a lot of time and effort as the details you need to mention should be perfect. For migration skills assessment, a complete CDR Report. It needs to be submitted to Engineers Australia comprises the following

  • CDR Application Form
  • High-quality copies of academic records
  • Language Proficiency Test Results(IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • CDR Report approval from Engineers Australia
  • Summary Statement
  • 3 Career Episodes
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) List

Documents for CDR Writing

What are the reasons for CDR Rejection from Engineers Australia?

Here are the reasons why a competency demonstration Report gets rejected:

  1. If you include too many tables, photos, or diagrams, it became hard for the assessor to acknowledge the competency essentials they’re looking for.
  2. You haven’t read the description of the occupation list carefully that Engineers Australia guidelines mentioned on their websites- You need to go through details, decide which portions of your career growth can best define your specific competencies, and then work on the report or essay draft.
  3. Your Career Episodes need a clear introduction, key engineering activities that you have defined in the CDR Report, and Summary Statement.
  4. The suggested word limit for Career Episode is 1000 to 2500 words. You need to provide all the information required for EA’s Competency from address to personnel details within these word counts.
  5. Don’t forget to fill your Career Episodes with problem Statements and provide an appropriate solution to them. Also, mention the tasks or the project you are involved with responsibilities you carried out in the project, all included in the core career episode.
    Insufficient technical Design: Your CDR Report needs to be technically sound. If you omit writing, your CDR Report will be rejected for sure.
  6. You should rigorously stick to the format mentioned by Engineers Australia and make sure that your work has no minor mistakes in spelling or grammar, and most importantly, CDR should be in Australian English.
  7. Plagiarism-free: It is stressful at this point- not to write someone else report or work like yours! Engineers Australia is very strict with plagiarized content. So, do not copy and paste everything you find on the Internet. Instead, you can take it as a reference. You can read them to get ideas. If you copy them, then it’s a blunder.
  8. Your CDR Career Episodes need to be extraordinary. One Career Episode needs to have one sort of project only. Additionally, your Career Episode needs to be personnel- you need to discuss all your work, not teamwork.
  9. Lastly, If all your mentioned documents do not support your qualification and experience, there is a probability of getting rejected.

Do CDR Report essential for Engineers to Migrate Australia?

CDR Report is a valuable and significant technical report that provides detailed information about personal, education, engineering competency levels, and project handled by the students in college or organization. Australia offers engineering jobs to international students with high salaries.

Every year thousands of engineers migrate to Australia from different countries like New Zealand, the UK, Canada, etc. But, for the migration, they have to go through a procedure like a competency test, English language test, and others to prove that they are competent for Australia. Engineers Australia is a team of experienced and senior engineers who have extensive knowledge of respective engineering domains. They will approve the assessment competency report only when they are satisfied with the technical levels of the candidate.

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