What is the next step after receiving the Migration Skill Assessment outcome letter from Engineers Australia? 

next step after you receive the Migration Skill Assessment Outcome Letter from EA
Skill Assessment

What is the next step after receiving the Migration Skill Assessment outcome letter from Engineers Australia? 

Before we describe the outcome letter, let’s give you a short brief about the CDR report. As most of you are already familiar with the concept of why a CDR report is needed, we will still describe it for newcomers. By preparing a CDR that complies with all applicable EA standards, an engineer will be eligible to apply for the migration skill assessment.

Engineers Australia examines your CDR to assess your skills, abilities, and knowledge. Before migrating to Australia, Engineers Australia demands that you get the requisite skills in the engineering industry for which you apply. If you are confused about which occupation you belong to, review our ANZSCO occupations list to be sure. Engineers Australia assesses engineers who hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering but are not accredited by the Washington, Dublin, and Sydney Accord. Engineers Australia will accept your CDR if you give a high-quality report. The MSA guidelines must be strictly followed, and it is not simple to have a CDR report generated by applicants without any experience.

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Applying for the skill assessment online

If you are a new applicant, you need to register yourself in the Engineers Australia forum to get a unique ID number. The EA ID is the same as your CID number or your membership number for existing applicants. Upon receiving your EA ID, you can request a password from the Engineers Australia website. 

You can submit your application from this portal. Once you have submitted it, you will receive an email notification, including your EA ID and the successful submission of the application. Your application will be placed in the queue for processing when payment is received. If you use a credit card, your payment will be processed immediately, and you will receive a receipt by email. If you pay by invoice, you will receive a receipt when the payment has been processed. 

Assessment outcome information

An assessment letter will be emailed to you with an assessment letter suited for migration purposes. You can review the outcome letter online by entering the application data on the assessment outcome verification page. Please note that the assessment letter does not have an expiration date from Engineers Australia’s point of view. Engineers Australia is aware the Department of Home Affairs’ rules on validity may differ. Department of Home Affairs may require an updated letter so that applicants can contact Engineering Australia for guidance.

Migration skill assessment outcome

Your assessment data, licensed occupational category, and a copy of your result letter will be visible to third parties. Filling up the required boxes on the result verification form, for example, allows the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to analyze your findings (DIBP). Case officers at the DIBP utilize password-protected access to examine your application.

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Migration Skill Assessment outcome letter

Your assessment indicates the skills you demonstrated in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) apply to the current job criteria. Your assessment letter states that your AQF level matches the highest qualification under the General Skilled Migration points test.

Relevant Skilled Employment is a separate evaluation service that you must apply for and pay for. If you have not used this additional service, your job will not be represented in the result letter. And, if you’ve applied for it, your evaluation findings will be used to make a decision.

It is essential to remember that the recommendation in the outcome letter was based on the evidence supplied and not a judgment or determination of the truth of the charges stated. Under the skilled migration points test, the designated authorities of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection have sole jurisdiction to calculate points.

What can applicants facing rejection for their assessment do? 

If Engineers Australia has declined your CDR assessment, it might be for various reasons. We’ve already described the possible and the most typical causes for EA’s severe rejection of candidates. All of the judgments in your result letter are based solely on the data and project reports you submitted. They also take into account the evaluation points from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the skilled migration points exam.

You will be excluded from the program and given a twelve-month suspension if they detect anything relating to plagiarism or not following their requirements correctly. This implies you won’t process your application for the following year. In this instance, you have the option of filing an informal appeal for a review of your application. We’ve included a few of them below.

What is reviewing the assessment outcome?

Is your EA assessor’s outcome letter fair to you? If you believe your evaluation was not what you intended it to be, you can file a review and appeal application.

You must submit a review application within three months of receiving your decision letter. You’ll need to edit the “Application for Review of Outcome Letter” form to make the necessary changes. You’ll need to provide a cover letter explaining why you’re asking for a review. You cannot add any additional information to your application that you did not put in previously.

What is appealing to the assessment outcome?

When you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your review letter, you can file an appeal. You must file an appeal of the assessment decision within six months of receiving your initial outcome letter. The appeal application must be filled out in full. You must also pay the appeal application cost. A review appeal is the last step before you can get your decision reversed.

Let us assume the outcome of these applications is the same as the letter of assessment outcome and that no new documents were provided. In that situation, the money paid for the review and appeal application would be refunded by EA.

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