What is the main cause for CDR rejection after so many attempts ?

What is the main cause for CDR Rejection after so many attempts
CDR Report

What is the main cause for CDR rejection after so many attempts ?

Are you an engineer who recently got their CDR Rejected? Do you know where you might have made the error? It’s normal to get disappointed after all those months of hard work. This is exactly where we fit in to help get that assessment succeeded. We have experienced writers in the engineering field that will guide you through the whole process of CDR Writing.  

Our specialists will explain in detail why your CDR was rejected. Learn about the most common errors discovered in the report and how to avoid making them again. CDR Reports are regularly refused, despite considerable time and effort. As a result, when creating a CDR Report, it is critical to follow Engineers Australia’s recommendations. You should be able to provide relevant information about your engineering talents and professional experience. Your writing should be detailed while adhering to the MSA guidelines.

Engineers Australia assesses your skills, talents, and knowledge by analyzing your CDR. Engineers Australia mandates that you acquire the essential abilities in the engineering profession for which you applied before migrating to Australia. As a result, Engineers Australia evaluates the ability of engineers with a bachelor’s degree in engineering who are not covered by the Washington Accord. For your CDR to be accepted by Engineers Australia, you must provide a high-quality report. The MSA handbook criteria must be followed correctly, and having a CDR report accepted and produced by applicants themselves is difficult. The CDR report will be rejected if it is not written in accordance with Engineers Australia’s principles and specifications.

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Engineers Australia, as you are aware, requires a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to evaluate your abilities and qualifications. As a result, candidates must present a high-quality report to demonstrate their competence in their professional sector. Even if you take extreme precautions, you may make certain frequent errors when creating a CDR. And these errors may result in the rejection of your CDR Report. When a CDR is not written in accordance with Engineers Australia’s specifications, it is rejected.

Top 5 common pitfalls applicants make when writing a CDR

Top 5 Common Pitfalls to CDR Rejection

We will be describing the five most common pitfalls, applicants face during their CDR report assessments. 

1. Preparing two career episode report from one project

This is one of the most common mistakes applicants make mainly while preparing the Career Episode part. Applicants tend to create two career episodes from the same project. This is mainly due to a lack of project reports. In such cases,  you can either use projects from your academic year or professional year. Engineers Australia requires you to explain one complete project in each Career Episode.

For example, a Structural Engineer created his Career Episodes based on tasks completed between the seventh and eighth semesters of his Engineering Course. This project was about the design and modelling of a wind turbine.

The first project was completed when he was in the seventh semester. The project entailed gathering data, doing a literature evaluation, and developing the wind turbine method. As a result, he addressed this endeavour in his first Career Episode.

In the eighth semester, I completed the second project. The project’s goal was to finish the analysis of the intended wind turbine, test the wind turbine, modify the wind turbine, and lastly, provide a design and simulation report. As a result, he discussed this endeavour in his second Career Episode.

Even though these two projects received distinct marks and were completed for different objectives throughout his academic term, EA considers them to be elements of the same project because they were both completed to build a wind turbine. The second phase of the project was built on the first. As a result, EA considers this project to be a single project completed in two halves. And it should only be addressed in one Career Episode.

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2. Including  group activity 

This is also the most common mistake people make when explaining how their group or team worked on the project, handled the problem, and finished it. CDR, on the other hand, is designed to assess your skills rather than the skills of the teams. It assesses how you performed in that project, what your role was, how you achieved it, how you functioned as part of a team, your decision-making ability, and so on. As a result, write your report in the first person, stressing what you personally accomplished rather than what your team accomplished.

As an example, Structural Engineer talked about the academic project he worked on throughout his engineering studies. The project was completed as a group, and various aspects of the project were distributed among the team members.

The team completed a project including the design and modelling of a wind turbine. The works were separated into the following categories: literature research, design calculation, project design, project analysis, project modification, component selection, project fabrication, and lastly, testing or executing the project. The structural engineer was involved in the following tasks as part of this task:

  • Developing the project design
  • An analysis of the project
  • The process of selecting components
  • The process of testing or implementing the project

As a consequence, he needed to describe their roles and responsibilities (design work, analysis, selection, and testing) in his Career Episode but instead of describing the work done by the group to accomplish the work (research report, rate constant, engineering work, evaluation, adjustment, misrepresentation, experimenting, and deployment).


We built the design using the Creo Parametric 2.0 design software. We used a range of tools for the design project, including lines, spline, extrude, sweep, and so on. We did design work in software based on mathematical calculations for the design assignment.

Correct Form: 

I finished the design work using the Creo Parametric 2.0 design program. In Creo, I made the design with many tools such as lines, spline, sweep, extrude, and so on. The design work in software is done in line with the design’s mathematical calculation.

3. Plagiarism from samples found on the internet

The CDR Sample offered by various sources is for reference purposes solely. even the ones you find on our website are solely for guidance.  Engineers Australia uses a variety of tools to detect copied material. So, whether you did it on purpose or accidentally, you’ll be caught. So simply study the sample, learn from it, and write your Career Episode on your Projects in the same manner as in the CDR Sample. You can find more details on Plagiarism Removal and checking services from our professionals. 

4. Writing CDR in a language other than English

Engineers Australia requires that you deliver your CDR report in English. Please use and accurate Australian English. If you composed your Career Episodes in a language other than English, you must convert your report to English since EA may not be able to review your CDR report because they do not understand it. You can find various agencies of translators for such cases.

5. Grammatical and spelling mistakes, as well as report formatting

When you submit your CDR report to the EA, you are submitting an official document authored by a professional. As a result, you must pay close attention to your CEs’ formatting, spelling and punctuation, and sentence flow. This section is frequently overlooked. Check for spelling and grammatical faults, formatting flaws, and errors in sentence flow. You are submitting your report as a professional, thus it should seem professional. These are little errors, yet they have a significant impact on your overall rating.

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Tips directly from our professional experts on what to do and what not to. 

  • Excessive Technological Information: It is OK to include some vital technical information on your projects, but including too many technical details, such as computations, charts, tables, pictures, and so on, on each event of the project decreases the report’s quality. A CDR should provide concise information rather than lengthy and complex elements that are irritating for readers.
  • Provide information on the bullet point: This is a typical error that many individuals do while constructing a CDR. Many individuals offer important information, such as data, in bullet points, when it should be given in paragraphs. It is one of Engineer’s Australia’s essential needs. So, in paragraphs, fully explain your statistics and other facts so that it is easily comprehensible.
  • Proper Project details: There is no mention of details such as length, location, firm profile, or project aim. This material must not only be included but must also be presented chronologically. This information must be included in the Report.
  • Total Word count: Engineers Australia has established particular guidelines for the number of words that must be submitted in each component of the CDR Report. Each Career Episode must be at least 1000 words long and no longer than 2500. Providing more facts and lengthening career events will not help you achieve a favourable evaluation. So, in order to meet all of Engineer’s Australia’s standards, you must choose and provide critical facts and information. More details on the optimal length of the CDR report may be found here.
  • Not adhering to the Report Structure: When writing a Career Episode, the first paragraph should be an introduction of around 50 words, the second paragraph should be a background of 200 to 500 words, the third paragraph should be a body and main paragraph, and the final paragraph should be a summary of 50-100 words. Learn more about CDR Guidelines here.
  • Not Mentioning Problem Statements: This is a critical component of the CDR Project. Make sure to include problem statements in your CEs, as well as the measures you took to address them. The project specifics you were associated with and what you did in the project should be the focus of your Career Episode.
  • There are no specifics regarding the Design Activity: Design activities are assigned high importance in CDR evaluation. A lack of design experience may make it difficult for your CDR to be evaluated favorably. As a result, describe and emphasize any creative engineering and technology experience you have with reference to creating activities.

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