What are the role played by CDR report and RPL report for skill assessment?

Role played by CDR report and RPL report for skill assessment
CDR Report / RPL Report

What are the role played by CDR report and RPL report for skill assessment?

The Australian government decided to open its border on December 15th by following every precaution for international students. Australia was facing a huge scarcity of skilled overseas students due to the closing of the border. The applicants whose visa processes were halted now have successfully reached Australia with the border opening. Life in Australia is somewhat coming to a normal state. 

Now is the time for all the graduate engineers and ICT professionals to start applying for their visas before the Australian government changes its rule. Professional engineers have to go through Engineers Australia (EA) skill assessment. Similarly, ICT professionals have to go through the Australian Computer Society (ACS). EA and ACS both are authoritative organizations responsible for undertaking skill assessments. Prior to applying for the VISA, you must submit a CDR report or RPL report for the EA/ACS skills evaluations.

A brief introduction to CDR and RPL report writing services

The CDR report also shows the competence demonstration of skills and qualities of an engineering candidate who does not have a professional degree. RPL is a report that outlines a candidate’s skills in preparation for migrating to Australia. It is a skills assessment for individuals without ICT degrees or university education.

The procedure of CDR writing services

CDR Report format for skill assessment

This methodology of reviewing CDR Skill Assessment by EA takes around 4 to 7 months using the same standard pattern, and to apply for this, conduct the following guidelines:

  • Applicants must remember that their engineering competence must be included on the SOL, skilled profession list.
  • If their engineering field is included on SOL, candidates must submit an expression of interest (EOI) visa skill option.
  • The candidate must demonstrate that they have the required abilities and certifications for the desired engineering career.
  • Because the ANZSCO code is necessary for engineers in Australia, candidates must choose their ANZSCO code depending on their profession, and each engineer has their own ANZSCO code.

Upon receiving 60 points, the candidate is invited to apply for a VISA to Australia within 60 days of the review.

Important documentation for CDR report

Many people are unaware of the documents that must be given during skill assessment. In addition to the visa, other documents must be compulsorily provided to Australian immigration. A typical CDR must include the following documents before being presented to Australian immigration officials:

  • An authorized copy of the CDR application, self-signed by the engineer, demonstrates the engineer’s true emotions behind the lines in the document.
  • A digitized compilation of verified copies of the engineer’s high school and college academic records.
  • A scanned copy of your Curriculum Vitae and the original one.
  • An engineer must also present a certificate of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to immigration officers to show the value and efficiency of their trade.
  • If you are an engineer from a country where English is not the first language, you must show documents demonstrating your proficiency in the language. It is strongly advised that you submit an IELTS certificate in addition to your CDR.
  • Along with your CDR, you must submit three Career Episode Reports.
  • Engineers are also asked to present a written overview of their skills and knowledge in their Career Episode Reports.

The primary goal of the RPL report

Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) is an application process for ICT applicants who do not have adequate ICT material in their educational background or do not belong to any ICT area.

It is simply a report that candidates who want to come to Australia to pursue further education and a career in ICT must prepare. The Australian Computer Society is assessing the report. They determine if the report was professionally written. Report writing is essential for persons without ICT skills who wish to migrate to Australia to pursue engineering employment.

Categories for RPL assessment application:

RPL assessments may be applied under two different categories. The following are examples of each:

  • Graduates from universities whose curriculum does not include ICT coursework; professionals with at least six years experience in a field relevant to the ANZSCO code.
  • Those without tertiary education must complete an extra two years of ICT skilled work. However, the work does not need to be related to the ANZSCO code.

RPL report structure for ACS

ACS RPL Report format for skill assessment

As part of an RPL application – ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form, you must describe how you acquired your ICT abilities and submit two Project Reports. Each report must include a detailed account of a professional event in your work history as well as proof of using the specified ICT knowledge in a working setting.

One of the two reports must relate to a project done during the last three years, while the other must be completed within the last five years. The projects must be connected to the employee being assessed. It is important to provide sufficient detail to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the skills you acquired while employed in the ICT industry.

Recognition of Prior Learning Project Report must be based on your project work. The ACS reserves the right to use computerized systems to screen submitted work for similarities to published sources or other submitted applications. In rare cases, you may be requested to resubmit project reports and other written materials included with your application for screening by plagiarism detection services.

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