Learn how to achieve maximum points by engineers to be eligible for the PR visa

Learn how to achieve maximum points by engineers to be eligible for the PR visa
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Learn how to achieve maximum points by engineers to be eligible for the PR visa

Due to Covid-19, the border was closed to international students causing a scarcity of skilled manpower. Keeping this in mind, the government decided to open the border in December of 2021 for students pursuing further studies. We are well aware of the growing number of migrants who come to Australia each year to pursue work and a standard of living. Australia welcomes qualified candidates who can contribute to the country’s general economic progress. Professional occupations such as engineering and ICT frequently choose General Skilled Migration as their visa options. 

Engineers and ICT professionals must submit a CDR and RPL skill assessment report to be considered for skilled migration. Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society are official assessing authorities for the relevant reports. CDR report and RPL report in your skill assessment aid in obtaining plus points which we will describe to you in brief below.

How does the CDR report contribute to higher scores?

Applicants without accredited qualifications under the Washington, Dublin, or Sydney Accords must prepare Competency Demonstration Reports (CDRs). A CDR is necessary for applicants with these qualifications, representing their current capabilities, knowledge, and experience. A CDR report includes a curriculum vitae, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) report, Three Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement. A flawless CDR Report can help you score the possible points in the Australian immigration process.

You will require the finest CDR Report if you are an engineer and maximize your points for the PR visa procedure. The EA assessor looks through the CDR Report and scores it based on your engineering specialties and your English skills. The CDR Report is important in determining your skills as an engineer. As a result, you’ll need to produce almost accurate CDR records with detailed documentation for the best outcomes. Writing the CDR Report is an essential and complex aspect of the migration procedure for every experienced engineer.

Why do applicants need to earn maximum points for an Australian Visa? 

The more points you get, your visa application will likely be approved. When a skilled job opening arises, it fills up faster than ever. Everyone wants to take advantage of the chance, which encourages rivalry. You will have a higher probability of being invited if you have more points, and between 60 and 65 points is the needed minimum score. Let’s look at some of the several methods you might use to earn additional credit points to improve your chances of being accepted.

You should follow the following guidelines while preparing your CDR report to achieve maximum points. 

Guidelines while preparing your CDR report to achieve maximum points for pr visaTaking EA Rules into Consideration

The MSA Guidelines are featured in the MSA handbook and contain all the information about Career Episodes, Summary Statements, and CPD. As a result, you should carefully study the instructions it provides, and you can take help from reference samples available. CDR Samples that have been EA verified can be downloaded upon request from our websites. These CDR samples are sole to be used as a guide, and their lone goal is to provide a basic idea of how to write a great report that will get you the maximum PR points.

Making a strategic plan

It is preferable to establish a technique and focus on fresh preparation after having all the relevant information required for CDR reports, projects, Career Episodes, etc.

Focus on writing

You should choose three separate subjects for the Career Episode. The writing component is challenging since you must reflect on the report’s work without overdoing it or disregarding it.

Engineers Australia requires the report to include every area of your talents and knowledge, so don’t leave anything out. Consequently, choosing CDR writing agents with years of professional expertise is preferable. We provide cdr authoring and cdr reviewing services and EA-approved cdr examples for reference as one of Australia’s most dependable CDR service suppliers.

Reflecting and re-evaluating

Examine the summary statements and CPD after writing the Career Episodes. All documents must be correctly examined to verify that all technical elements have been included. Grammar and spelling errors must be rectified to retain language quality.

English Language Criteria

At the professional level, candidates who achieve the following marks will receive 10 points.

  • IELTS 7 +  
  •  65+ mark for PTE
  •  B pass for ET
  •  24 in L , 27 in W, 24 in R, 23 in S for TOEFL

If the candidate achieves the points below, an additional 20 points will be awarded for the superior level.

  •  IELTS 8 +
  •   79 + mark in PTE,
  •   A pass for ET
  •   28 in L, 30 in W, 29 in R, 26 in S for TOEFL

You will not receive any points if you do not match the specified degree of accuracy.

Sponsorship by the State (Visa 190)

With the sponsoring state visa, the maximum amount of points you may obtain is 5. This visa is distinct from the 189 visas. This Visa mandates you to stay in the designated region for the first two years of your stay.

Professional Year’s Program

For engaging in the professional year program, you will receive an extra five points. If you completed a professional year program in Australia, you might be eligible to apply, which will prepare you to work in the country as a professional.

Sponsorship in the Region

Visa 489. Regional sponsorship is covered under this visa, a four-year temporary visa that will be upgraded to permanent residency. With this Visa, you may gain a total of 10 points. According to this visa, you must migrate to a regional area to qualify for this point. After four years of residency in the specified location, you will be a permanent resident.

Study in a Regional Area of Australia

If you complete your studies in a regional setting, you will find that it has more to offer. If you finish your studies from any restricted site, you will receive an additional 10 points. A higher education degree, a bachelor’s degree, a certification, a master’s degree, or any other two-year study might be considered.

Work Experience 

If you completed your skilled labor in Australia, there’s a good chance you’ll get bonus points. If you live in Australia, three years of foreign experience is equivalent to one year of work.

For applicants staying outside Australia

  • Five points for applicants with three years but less than five years of experience.
  • Applicants with five years of experience but fewer than eight years will receive ten points.
  • Applicants with eight years of experience will receive 15 points.

For applicants staying in Australia

  • 5 points for applicants with one year but less than three years of experience
  • Applicants with three years of experience but fewer than five years will receive ten points.
  • Applicants with five years but fewer than eight years of experience will receive 15 points.
  • Applicants with more than eight years of experience will receive a bonus of 20 points.

National Accreditation Authority (NAATI Exam)

You will receive five bonus points if you take the NAATI exam. Because the government gives this exam to encourage multiculturalism, it is also known as community language points. You will be required to take this test when in Australia.

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