Engineering Technologist for Australia Immigration & PR Visa

Engineering Technologist for Australia Immigration & PR Visa
CDR Report / Skill Assessment

Engineering Technologist for Australia Immigration & PR Visa

Engineering Technologist is a part of engineering professionals unit under 233 group. All the occupations in this unit category required a bachelor’s degree or above. Engineering Technologist ANZSCO Code: 233914 tests and accomplishes engineering projects by examining, revising, and applying new and current engineering technologists. It is mandatory to register new and current engineering technologies. However, for ANZSCO Skill Level 1, further work experience or job training in the desired occupation is necessary. Engineers Australia can train Engineering Technologist in a variety of supplementary occupations.

Engineering Technologist has the ANSCO Code 233914 on the Medium-Term Strategic Skill List(MLTSSL). State Nomination for Visa class 190 and 491 is accessible in several states including Hobart, Canberra, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

Job Profile of Engineering Technologist

Engineering Technologists work on various engineering tasks using modern engineering technology. They’re in the process of bringing new technologies to test and applying them in projects. They are also assigned various technical issues during the development, building, inspection, sales, and production stages. They collect information, assess items, and work with engineers on projects. Immigration Visa for Engineering Technologist. Here are the options for General Skilled Migration Visa:

  • Skilled Independent Visa(Subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa(Subclass 190)
  • Skilled Work Regional Visa(Subclass 491)
  • Occupational Value of Engineering Technologist

It is applicable for various skilled regional visas, signifying that the occupation group will have a particular restriction on EOI selection for skilled migration. The State or Territory Nominated, Employer-Sponsored Visas are exempt from this rule. It makes sure that the limited number of occupations does not dominate the skilled migration program. If the maximum number is reached, you will be notified with no more invitations for that year. Engineering Technologist has a value of 1000. But, it gave an invitation to 140 only in the 2019 year.

Average Salary of Engineering Technologist

The Average Salary of an Engineering Technologist is about $97,460 per year. Senior positions will may about $120,363 per year.
Engineering Technologists use professional engineering technologies for a variety of applications. They are assessing new technology and making investments in them. They find answers to technical problems through the project’s conception, building, sales, or production phase. They also collect data, oversee goods, and help engineers with initiatives.

Engineering Technologist Job roles and responsibilities

Based on your forte, you may see the particular work tasks as defined by ANZSCO Code. The roles and responsibilities of the Engineering Technologist are listed below:

  • Building and fixing technological equipment
  • Guarantee the performance of the project is at its best
  • Plan, Develop, and maintenance of technological equipment as well as monitoring
  • Helping product development and design
  • Navigate equipment and gadgets
  • Assisting engineers and scientists with process testing, creation, and modification
  • Operating advanced processing equipment or heavy industrial machinery
  • Work Planning, Estimation, and Scheduling
  • Distinguishing methods to improve the engineering technology employed in the quality of the project
  • Evaluating the features of the equipment

Engineering Technologist Specializations

Skill Level Requirements for Engineering Technologist

The occupation is ranked as ANZSCO Skill Level 1 by ANZSCO. The applicant needs to have a bachelor’s degree or above for skill assessment. In this occupational category, registration or licensing may be required. Similarly, job training or related work experience may be required.
Engineering Technologist Skill Assessment for Australia PR.
Engineers Australia is the assessing Authority for Engineering Technologists. For the Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment, you need to submit a Competency Demonstration Report to show your professional skills, knowledge, abilities, and qualifications.

i. Competency Demonstration Report(CDR)

You need to write a Competency Demonstration Report(CDR) to get a skilled migration visa. The CDR Report shows your ability to perform tasks in the nominated ANZSCO Code. Engineers Australia has full power to assess your capabilities. Engineers Australia has many standards to be followed by the applicants. The positive outcome of your CDR will assist you to get a visa in Australia.
You need to submit 3 Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and Continuing Professional Development that need to be included in the CDR Report. The correct format needs to include the following things in your report:
i) Introduction
The introduction part needs to contain the name of the company, titled hold by your position, the location of your Company, and career episodes date and duration.
In this part, you need to define your work area, nature of the project, an explanation of your duties performed, the objective of the project, personal engineering activities, Structure of the organization.
An application must provide a detailed project description to focus on all the responsibilities and offerings.

ii. Career Episodes

Career Episodes are created based on educational qualifications and job tenure. Each career episode must reflect your potential in a related field or submitted project. It also reflects your expertise in the ANZSCO field you have selected.
If the Career Episode is established on a specific period of employment, you need to provide validation or proof of that job in the online application’s employment section.
Here are the things you need to include in your career episode:

  • An engineering project you worked through your academic year or job period
  • Working on initiatives relating to the subject your studies
  • Jo title where you worked
  • Some of the engineering projects you have been involved in, explain the problem you encountered, and the solutions
iii. Continuing Professional Development(CPD)

Continuing Professional Development(CPD)consists of your skill selection and the technical progress in the related field. It allows you to assess how well you handle the job following Engineers Australia’s rules and regulations, and guidelines. It helps you to expand your professional knowledge and horizons. The most important factor of competency units is Personal dedication, duty followed in the workplace, and some technical expertise.

iv. Summary Statement

After you finished preparing your Career Episode, you need to write a Summary Statement. It must be written at its best, connecting all the points in your professional life. Your competency aspects are assessed using Summary Statements. So, you need to review your professional episode to verify that everything is addressed. Summary Statement is required for every Career Episode, it is recommended to limit your Summary Statement to one page.

Migration Skills Assessment fee for 2021-2022

Engineers Australia has 5 different types of Migration Skills Assessment Fees:

  • Competency Demonstration Report(CDR) Assessment fees
  • Australian Accredited Engineering Qualification Assessment fee
  • International Accords Qualifications Assessment fees
  • Additional Assessment Services fees
  • Administrative Fees

Engineers Australia allows their migration services with a promise of quality. The Department of Home Affairs provides guidelines to write every information on their official website. It is affiliated with famous international accords and organizations.
Engineers Australia helps engineers willing to move to Australia with a fair and accurate skills evaluation. It uses expertise to give neutral evaluations suitable to each applicant as the approved evaluating authority for engineering occupations.

document checklist for accrediated qualification

Complete Guide

  • Learn the Migration Skills Assessment(MSA) Booklet to know more about the requirements and checklist needed to apply for a skills assessment with Engineers Australia.
  • Select the suitable route.
  • Collect all the necessary paper to apply for the online skills assessment
  • Fill up the form
  • Documents Checklist for Accredited Qualifications
  • Recent Photo
  • An original Passport
  • Certificate of your college degree
  • A copy of an academic transcript
  • Resume/ Curriculum Vitae
  • English Proficiency Test Results(IELTS, PTE, TOEFL iBT)
  • Document relating to the name change(if)

Complete checklist for non-Accredited Qualifications

Immigrants who have a non-accredited credential need to submit a Competency Demonstration Report(CDR). The applicants need to demonstrate that they have fundamental technical engineering knowledge and have expertise in the field. A Statement on Continous Professional Development(CPD), 3 Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement need to be included in the CDR.
The CPD showcase that you are updated with advances in your engineering profession. The CPD needs to be submitted in a table format that consists of the name of the course, the date, duration of the working period, location, and name of the organizer.
The main aim of Career Episodes is to show our engineering education and professional experience. Every Career episode needs to focus on a different time frame and technical work. You can include anything as a part of your academic degree, the project you are working on, or even a specific problem you addressed while pursuing an engineering degree or job.

Pathways for Skill Assessment

There are various pathways available for your qualifications. The 5 pathways are:

  • Competency Demonstration Report(CDR) Pathway
  • Washington Accord Pathway
  • Australia Qualification Pathway
  • Sydney Accord Pathway
  • Dublin Accord Pathway

Mostly, qualification doesn’t come accredited from Accord List, instead, you need to apply via the CDR route.

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