How long does it take for CDR Writing, Reviewing, and Skill Assessment?

How long does it take for CDR Writing, Reviewing, and Skill Assessment
CDR Report / Skill Assessment

How long does it take for CDR Writing, Reviewing, and Skill Assessment?

Engineers Australia asks for competency proof of engineering skills and English Proficiency Test Results for those willing to migrate to Australia. A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) has a complete set of documents demonstrating your competency in the engineering occupation you need to assess. Every overseas engineer has to go through Migration Skills Assessment(MSA).

Basic CDR Report Guidelines

To be eligible for migration to Australia, engineers should undergo a Competency Demonstration Report assessment from Engineers Australia. Your CDR report must be perfect to be accepted by Engineers Australia. The purpose of CDR assessment is to determine:

  • Thorough understanding of the technical aspects of engineering.
  • Describe how you have used your engineering expertise and skills.
  • The degree of competency you have in your chosen engineering occupation.

In the CDR report, there are three sections: Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement. Here you will find all of the guidelines for writing the CDR that will assist you. In addition to CDR writing, CDRWritershub provides CDR reviewing and CDR tutoring services.

Mistakes to avoid when preparing CDRs

Some common mistakes candidates make when preparing their CDRs. Some of them are: 

  • Leaving out important information
  • Making a copy of an already published work
  • Miscalculations and wrongly placed information in the tables
  • No link between the data of the Summary Statement and CDR
  • Wrong information in your career episodes
  • Diving one project into two project parts
  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

An incomplete or incorrect CDR might have serious effects because it is the first step in your profession to obtaining a position in a reputable firm. Our authors completely grasp the significance of your CDR, and you should seek their assistance to get a full-proof CDR report that will reduce the chances of your rejection. The advantages of CDR review services include:

  • Twenty-four hours availability of our professionals to assist you.
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  • Proper use of grammar, spelling, and content. 
  • Based completely on your project reports previously completed. 
  • Proofreading and editing after the review to make sure nothing is left behind. 

CDR Report content 

A CDR Report comprises personal information, an Application Form, Educational Details, Employment Evidence, 3 Career Episodes, and Continuing Professional Development(CPD). Therefore, preparing it is pretty tedious and time-consuming. It needs a lot of patience and attention to writing a report. All the reports: 3 Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and a CPD, all require equal time and should be written with the same importance.

1. Continuing Professional Development

A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records all the formal and informal activities you carried out as training for your chosen engineering occupation or ANZSCO Code. EA surveys all activities you have undergone to gain knowledge and progress in your learning. It must be listed in sequential order. It should be longer than a page and include details like titles, locations, dates of activity, and more.

Features of CPD Process

To explain the name, CPD needs to:

  • Be a documented process
  • Be self-directed: should explain you, not your employer
  • Focus on learning from experience, learning, and Review
  • Help you establish goals and objectives
  • Include both formal and informal learning
Features of Continuing Professional Development for Skill Assessment

What will CPD do for you?

CPD is the requirement of some assessing bodies like ACS, Engineers Australia, and others. It helps you reflect, Review, and document your learning and develop and update your professional skills. It is also helpful in the following ways:

  • Provide an overview of your professional development to date
  • Shows your achievements and progress
  • Reflect on uncovered gaps in your skills and capabilities
  • Opens space for further development
  • Illustrates your professional Standing to clients and employers
  • Helps you in Career Development

2. Career Episodes

Career Episodes are a very crucial part of a CDR Report. A Career Episode is a detailed explanation of the engineering skills and qualifications that you applied and gained through your degree. Here you need to explain your competencies are related to the project you worked on. It is intended to showcase all your knowledge and engineering skills. Authorities set specific rules, and you need to follow them while writing a Career Episode.

  • There must be 3 Career Episodes each counting 1500 to 2500 Words
  • Taking about teamwork is useless. Instead, talk about your contribution and achievements
  • Use first-person and active voice while writing Career Episodes
  • Languages must be transparent without any redundancies and unnecessary elaboration

7 Wise Tips from Our Career Episode Writing Experts

  • When you analyze the Career Episode, it is good to have an EA list with you. Also, analyze the competencies you have applied in your career episodes. Don’t forget that you need to support your claims with evidence.
  • Keep your Career episodes within your word limit i..e, about 1000-2500 words. Don’t fill your pages with technical jargon, and use correct Australian English as the assessor assesses your communication skills too. So be careful while writing Career Episodes.
  • While writing a career episode, focus on candidates engineering knowledge and skills you have. Use the first-person like ‘I measured,’ ‘I calculated,’ and more to showcase your capabilities and contribution to the project.
  • Avoid using tables, calculations, or photos that make your career episodes look too technical and challenging for the assessor to assess. It makes your Career Episodes look more approachable.
  • Each Career Episode generally consists of 4 sections: Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity, and Summary Statement. They must be prepared in the following ways:

Introduction: Introduction should be about 100 words in the chronology of the Career Episode. You should include the date, duration of the Career Episode, the geographical location where the project took place, the name of the organization involved, and your status or position.

Background: Background should be about 200 to 500 words. It would be best if you described the context of what you are studying or working on at that time. You can mention about objectives and nature of the engineering project you performed in a particular work area you were involved with, the structure of the project, highlight your position, job description, key responsibilities, or hob profile in the organization. You might need to prove your duties with an official statement too.

Personal Engineering Activity: You need to describe your engineering activity in 500 to 1000 words. Describe the engineering-related tasks you performed. Explain how you achieve all technical difficulties or challenges, creative designs, innovations, unusual strategies, or original ideas you came up with.
Summary: Finally, you need to write a summary statement for your Career Episode that highlights all the engineering-related capabilities you described in a particular statement.

  • Don’t let your Career Episode be too technical. When you say I simulated the design, you need to explain what simulation you used: the coding tool and language; you need to talk about how much time you took to complete the task? And more.
  • Focus on your work instead of including teamwork. Don’t lie about your work. If you do so and couldn’t explain, you might get rejected from Engineers Australia and have to face some penalties.

3. Summary Statement

A Summary Statement is equally vital as Career Episodes and CPD. Hence, it also needs to be written with total concentration and intelligence. It is the cross-reference to the section you wrote in Career Episodes. Hence, you need to number the content in your Career Episodes. So that assessor could easily find out your achievements and qualifications. Make sure you write 3 Career Episodes in your Summary Statement.

Till now, you are familiar with CDR Element; you know that CDR reports are a tedious task. You need a lot of time to write a good CDR Report. It takes about 2-4 weeks to complete the report.

Importance of plagiarism-free CDR Report

Engineers Australia requires a Competency Demonstration Report(CDR) from the students who are willing to migrate to Australia has to submit CDR Report. It is written in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) that any information picked from the Internet will be taken as plagiarized content. If Engineers Australia found you copying from the Internet, then your CDR Report will get rejected.

The assessors of Engineers Australia is very strict regarding plagiarism, and they also use software for strict plagiarism check that checks copied phrases and sentences. Even if your content matches with the content of the Internet, it will be rejected. So you cannot afford rejection from authorities.

Possible areas of plagiarism

Plagiarism can happen in any form, unintentionally and intentionally; you may even not notice them. Following are the reasons for plagiarism occurs are:

  • Reframing Sentences

When you try to take help from references or samples from the Internet directly, when you try to reframe sentences from the Internet, it causes trouble.

  • Examples from Summary Statement/ Career Episodes/ CPD

Some people think taking references from Summary Statement or Career Episodes or CPD and using them is safe. But, this is something very unsafe and caught very quickly. Therefore, 3 of them must be written by yourself with total concentration and professionalism. It should include your qualification and experiences. If your Statement does not match your profile, then you will be in trouble.

  • Accidental Plagiarism

In some cases, plagiarism happens unintentionally. When you add your qualification, it can match another applicant. In this case, assessors may ask for an explanation. If they get a satisfactory result, then you can ask them to write the report. If you cannot explain, then you will be rejected and suspended for 12 months.

CDR preparation and Review

A CDR Report is vital and needs to be written overlooking MSA booklet guidelines and criteria. And preparing for it becomes a tedious task for some engineers. After all, no one wants to take risks as they will get suspended for a year due to the poor quality of CDR. In this case, you can take help from the CDR Report reviewer so that you can get a plagiarism-free report.

You need to cross-check every detail in the CDR Report as it gets often rejected by silly mistakes from assessors. And you even don’t notice any mistakes. A review only once through your CDR Report saves you from lifetime loss and helps you migrate to your dream destination.

Why do you need to hire Us?

CDRWritersHub is a team of experts and professionals who have experience with Engineers Australia guidelines and criteria. We provide EA approved CDR Report, 100% plagiarism-free, on-time delivery, and 24/7 support.