How to write a perfect Summary Statement for your CDR Report?

How to Write a Perfect Summary Statement for Your CDR Report
CDR Report

How to write a perfect Summary Statement for your CDR Report?

Summary Statements is a synopsis of the CDR report’s career episode. Applicants must assess their career episodes in the summary statement and cross-reference to the relevant career episode paragraph. It is very important for the CDR report for the Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment Process.

Following the completion of all three career episodes, the summary statement must be written. Where the summary statement summarizes the analysis of all competency aspects, it should be worded in such a way that it connects all of your professional actions. Because just one summary statement is required for all three career episodes, your summary statement should be longer than one page.

The Summary Statement provides a detailed account of all three career episodes, including all units and competency components. They are very crucial in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). A Curriculum Vitae, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three career episodes, and a Summary Statement are all included in the CDR report.

The summary statement is the basic substance of the overall report in each of these papers. It offers Engineers Australia assessors an understanding of what the report is about. The summary statement stresses your key engineering talents as well as your managerial abilities. Your summary statement should be written in an easy-to-understand style for your EA assessor.

The basic structure for the summary statement is a table form with the competence aspects emphasized and should be closely related to the CDR episodes. The candidate must offer three professional episodes demonstrating engineering involvement. The summary statement is the report prepared following the three career episodes. After completing all three sections of the career episode, you must examine them to ensure that you have covered all of the competency components within the chosen occupational category. The evaluation findings will be included in the summary statement. It connects all of the competency qualities in each paragraph of the career episode. The occupational category for engineering disciplines is Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Technologist. Engineers Australia needs a distinct template for each of the four categories, and it must be created in the way specified.

Summary statement competency elements

The major summary statement competence elements are divided into three categories.

Summary statement Competency elements

Knowledge and skill base

In this section, you may exhibit your engineering field’s knowledge and skills, as well as provide evidence from your job experience. At least two of the indicators in this area should be addressed: establishing acceptable research orientation skills and knowledge in your engineering field. You must be aware of the impacting elements in your engineering area and understand them as you learn new things.

Engineering application ability 

You must demonstrate your engineering abilities and how you have used your knowledge in the engineering sector in this section. Make an effort to cover at least three of the signs in this section. All of the analytical and design procedures associated with your engineering career should be specified. You should be able to implement a systematic methodology that provides engineering project management with direction.

Personal and professional qualities

In this section, you demonstrate your engineering abilities as well as attributes such as work ethic and communication skills. In the engineering field, appealing and convincing communication, as well as an imaginative, productive, and creative mindset, are required.

How to create your Summary Statement?

Do you intend to develop your summary statement? We realize how perplexed you are. Without the necessary guidelines and knowledge, it is difficult for a newcomer to produce a summary statement. As a result, we will teach you how to make an exceptional summary statement report. However, if you persist, we have offered several samples to assist you in writing your summary statement. A summary statement should be one-of-a-kind and relevant to the projects you’ve completed. EA has simplified the procedure by making the summary statement form available on its websites. Here are some pointers to help you polish your summary statement.

Academic background in engineering

Throughout the academic year, you must provide the necessary documents regarding your engineering experience. You must include any honors and credits achieved during your engineering career. Please detail how you dealt with an issue and came up with a feasible solution if you have worked on multiple projects throughout your engineering career. As a result, the EA assessors will be able to appraise your abilities in managing various jobs.

Professional description

Include your job experience in your summary report. Mention the names of all the firms for which you’ve worked, as well as the responsibilities you’ve had. Please offer a summary of any challenges you experienced while working with the organization and how you dealt with them. All of the tasks on which you worked should be mentioned. Avoid emphasizing collaboration because this report should be focused on the one in which you participated.

Workshops and course works

Mention any further degrees or classes you’ve completed outside of your undergraduate studies. Applicants may participate in online training courses relating to their careers. In your summary statement, you might add information on any classes, seminars, or other activities that helped you advance your career. This will demonstrate to the EA examiners your enthusiasm for your topic.

Some helpful strategies for writing exceptional Summary Statements

Engineers Australia expects each migrating engineer to write their own CDR report; however, if the report does not meet the requirements of the MSA booklet, the EA may reject your CDR. Here are a few things to think about when creating your Summary Statement.

  • Always use Australian English so that the EA assessor can easily evaluate your report and you can receive your results quickly.
  • Text formatting, styles, punctuation, and spelling should all be taken into account.
  • While describing the work you completed, use active voice and a first-person basis.
  • Write down the achievements that you gained through your work, not the ones that your team completed.
  • Because EA is stringent about plagiarism, make sure your material is 100 percent unique and not plagiarized from anywhere. Cite any sentences obtained from other sources with references.
  • The summary statement is what the EA assessor will look at first. Because the initial impression is the most lasting, appropriately cross-reference to the essential career episode subjects.

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