What is the ACS Processing Time for RPL Report?

What is the ACS Processing Time for RPL Report
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What is the ACS Processing Time for RPL Report?

Many IT professionals looking to move to Australia must get a positive skills assessment from the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This assessment checks if your qualifications and experience meet the requirements for an Australian visa.

This Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report is crucial to this assessment. To help you plan your journey, we will explore the ACS processing time for RPL reports and provide insights through this comprehensive blog.

The processing time for the ACS RPL Skill Assessment usually takes eight to ten weeks from when you apply. But if your visa is expiring in less than 12 weeks, you can choose a faster option called priority processing.

Factors Affecting ACS Processing Time

Different factors affect the time required for ACS to process RPL reports. Understanding these factors is crucial to setting realistic expectations for the assessment’s length. Let’s break down these critical factors in simpler terms:

Factors Affecting ACS Processing Time

  • Application Volume

The number of RPL applications ACS receives can impact how long it takes to process them. When there’s a high demand, especially during busy immigration periods, ACS may have many RPL assessments to review. This increased workload means reviewing each application will take longer.

  • Complexity of the RPL Report

How complicated and well-prepared your RPL report is can also affect processing time. It might take longer to assess if your report is unclear, doesn’t follow ACS guidelines, or lacks enough evidence.

ACS assessors might need more information from you in such cases, which can extend the overall processing time. Ensuring your RPL report is clear, well-structured, and follows ACS guidelines is essential to avoid delays.

  • Document Verification

ACS may have to verify the documents you provide with your RPL reports, like school records, certificates, and job references. This process can take longer, especially if the document checklists have differences or if ACS needs to check with the issuing institutions. Delays in document verification can make your RPL assessment take longer.

Any document verification delays can slow your RPL assessment’s processing time.

  • ACS Workload

ACS assesses various types of applications, including skill assessments for different visa categories. The workload and priorities of the ACS can also affect the processing time for RPL reports. If the ACS is experiencing a high volume of assessments across different visa categories, it might allocate its resources accordingly, potentially extending the processing time for RPL reports.

Estimated ACS Processing Time

While ACS doesn’t give exact processing timeframes for RPL reports, you can know how long it might take based on past experiences. Generally, depending on these factors, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Remember that the estimated processing time can change, so it’s a good idea to check ACS’s website or contact them for the latest information.

ACS RPL Processing Time

Usually, it takes ACS around 8 to 10 weeks to assess RPL ACS Skill Assessments from when you apply. But, if your visa expires in less than 12 weeks, you can use a faster processing option, which only takes two weeks. You or your representative can pay an extra fee for this faster processing service.

Application Reassessment

If you’re applying for a complete skills assessment for jobs like those needed for 485 visa applications, you can opt for priority processing. But remember, you can’t choose this if you’ve already done a skills assessment for the same job.

With priority processing, you pay extra for a quicker application review. If you qualify, your application will get reviewed within ten business days, and you’ll get the results within 48 hours. The ten business-day countdown begins when the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) or VETASSESS confirms that your application meets the priority criteria and they receive the payment with GST.

The initial evaluation of an application by VETASSESS takes two business days. After this stage, candidates receive a status update via email. They will assess applications that meet the eligibility criteria within ten business days. Then, they will refund the priority processing fee if a candidate fails to meet the required criteria or if they can’t assess them within the given timeframe.

How to Apply for Priority ACS Skill Assessment Processing?

To opt for priority processing, candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements. This process includes submitting an online application and paying a $600 application fee, excluding GST. The priority processing option is not available for paper-based submissions.

Before applying, candidates must visit the official VETASSESS website and meet the priority processing eligibility criteria. When making a payment, choose the priority processing option. Uploading the application is quick, but first, make sure you meet all requirements and understand the eligibility criteria for priority processing.

The priority processing service, available to only a few candidates for an extra fee, requires you to meet strict conditions. This includes completing a comprehensive skills assessment and submitting all necessary documents and payments online during the application.

If VETASSESS approves your request for priority processing, they commit to finishing skills assessments within ten business days unless unexpected issues cause delays. To complete the application, provide all necessary information and make the payment. Familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements, skill assessment criteria, and required documents on VETASSESS’ official website.

Candidates who follow priority processing criteria or provide complete documents will only hold VETASSESS responsible for delays or issues. If you can’t meet priority processing requirements, VETASSESS will assess your application based on regular service schedules. Sometimes, they may refund part of the priority processing fee minus a $100 administrative fee.

Now, look at the complete process for renewing a full skills assessment after exploring ACS Skill Assessment priority processing.

Full Skills Assessment Renewal

Suppose you obtained a positive skills assessment before and now wish to have it reevaluated for reasons like obtaining new certifications or entering roles that needed to be assessed. In that case, you can apply for VETASSESS renewals.

A renewal application involves:

  • Reevaluating the original positive skills assessment outcomes.
  • Considering extra employment or qualifications.
  • Renewing the expiry date with or without other employment or capabilities.
  • Meeting Point Test purposes.

When applying for a renewal, candidates must show the currency of their skills by comparing them to the latest criteria in their chosen field. This step goes beyond confirming recent work in the selected area.

Candidates need to be aware of their responsibilities. They must contact the Department of Home Affairs if they need a new skills assessment for visa application purposes. Usually, a positive complete skills assessment result stays valid for three years from the issuance date. If the skills assessment result letter expires, you cannot renew it.

Candidates should inform the authorities if they need a new assessment before their current one expires. To complete the application process, candidates must register in the Dashboard and use the Online Application Portal for submitting a skills assessment application.

Eligibility for Renewal Application

Candidates who have received a positive skills assessment in their chosen occupation within the last three years can apply online for renewal. For those applying after three years, a new application must be submitted, along with the full fee. To apply for renewal, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Online Application Portal’s ‘Completed Cases’ section and submit the renewal application.
  2. Please note that the priority processing option is not available for renewal applications.

Please get in touch with us for further inquiries about RPL ACS Skill Assessment processing time.

Tips to Speed Up ACS Processing

Although you can’t control the processing time, there are steps you can take to help the assessment process:

  1. Submit a Well-Prepared RPL Report

Ensure your RPL report is clear, follows ACS guidelines, and provides all the necessary information. A well-prepared report increases the chances of a quicker assessment.

  1. Review and Proofread

Review your RPL report to find and correct any errors, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies. Make sure the information is clear, concise, and makes sense. Proofread the document several times to catch any grammar or spelling mistakes. A well-presented report reduces the chances of ACS requesting more information, saving valuable processing time.

  1. Organize Your Supporting Documents

Arrange all your supporting documents, like academic transcripts, certificates, and employment references, in an organized manner. Label them so it’s easy for ACS assessors to verify the information. This step can help speed up the processing time.

  1. Stay in Contact with ACS

If you’ve been waiting for a while without any updates from ACS, consider contacting their support team to inquire about your application’s status. Have your reference number and relevant details ready when contacting them. Sometimes, a polite reminder can prompt ACS to provide an update on the processing status.


Following the mentioned tips and staying updated with ACS, you can navigate the assessment process as you work towards your ICT skills assessment for Australian migration. Planning and being patient will help make the assessment process smoother for you.

The time it takes for ACS to process RPL reports is essential for IT professionals looking to move to Australia. Although we can’t predict an exact timeframe, understanding what affects the processing time and following the advice mentioned earlier can help make the assessment process smoother.

During this period, it’s essential to be patient and stay in touch with ACS for updates. It’s also a good idea to check the ACS website for any changes in processing times or requirements. To speed up the assessment process, ensure your RPL report is comprehensive and well-organized, and arrange your supporting documents.

It takes about 8 to 10 weeks for RPL ACS Skill Assessment processing. If you have any questions about RPL reports, please get in touch with us. We’re here to assist you. We also offer engineers high-quality CDR reports, guidance, and 24/7 customer support at a reasonable cost. Additionally, CDRWritersHub provides services like summary statement writing, CPD lists, career episode writing, CDR reviews, and more.