ACS RPL Report for Database Administrator ANZSCO 262111 for Positive Skills Assessment

Prepare ACS RPL Report for Database Administrator ANZSCO 262111 for positive skill assessment.
RPL Report

ACS RPL Report for Database Administrator ANZSCO 262111 for Positive Skills Assessment

Do you want to prepare an RPL report for the Database Administrator on your own? The ACS RPL report is required to assess the candidate’s skills and knowledge for various positions in the information and communication technology sectors of Australia. For the position of Database Administrator in Australia, you can submit your ACS RPL report, which contains details regarding your experience, qualifications, skills, and knowledge.

The requirement for RPL is for those with no ICT qualifications. The Australian Computer Society verifies the ACS RPL report of candidates. ACS is the body responsible for managing the applicant selection process. 

We also guide applicants who do not have ICT qualifications but have experience in a specific field of ICT to prepare their ACS RPL report. To gain extra points in the migration procedure, applicants who want to move to Australia to work as an ICT specialist must submit an ACS RPL report to the Australian Computer Society.

As a database administrator seeking employment in Australia, you must first understand the qualifications, skills, tasks, and experience required. The applicant’s work experience and attributes must be stated in the Database Administrator ANZSCO 262111 ACS RPL Report. 

Database Administrator Skills Requirements

  • Skill Level: Level 1 or Equivalent.
  • Alternative Titles: Database Operator, Database Specialist, Database Support, DBA Specializations, Database Analyst.
  • Skills Assessment Authority: ACS (Australian Computer Society).

Major Duties of a Database Administrator

  1. Creating and maintaining database architecture, data structures, tables, dictionaries, and naming conventions to assure the accuracy and completeness of all data master files.
  2. Executing the operational setup and preventative maintenance of backups and recovery methods, as well as enforcing security and integrity controls.
  3. Creating and maintaining database documentation, guidelines, policies, and procedures.
  4. Debugging, tracking, reproducing, logging, and resolving all detected problems when testing database systems and updates by approved quality testing scripts, procedures, and methods.
  5. Accepting responsibility for system security and disaster recovery planning processes, procedures, and operational management.
  6. Collaboration with security vendors, suppliers, service providers, and outside resources; assessing, suggesting, implementing, and managing software security applications, as well as monitoring contractual commitments, performance delivery, and service level agreements.
  7. Troubleshooting and providing service support for server-related hardware and software issues, including workstations and communication infrastructure.
  8. Creating and updating documentation, policies, and procedures, as well as capturing and detailing operating procedures and system logs.

ACS RPL report for Database Administrator 

The Database Administrator (262111) in Australia, sometimes known as DBA, is the person who plans, designs, creates, manages, and maintains a specific system’s database. He then works as a database administrator and expert.

ACS RPL report for Database Administrator 

As a database administrator, he must work by following the user’s requirements. They must also be familiar with the company’s plan, policies, difficulties, security, reliability, data performance, data reliability, and the entire system. In today’s information technology environment, the demand for database administrators is growing in all sectors.

Database Administrator is sectioned as an ANZSCO level 1 job, and the administrator’s primary task is administering the organization’s database. The RPL demonstrates all of the qualities of the applicants, and thus it must be free of plagiarism, innovative, and an original report with liable proofs and records. Database administrators in the ACS (Australian Computer Society) are graded in two categories.

1. Key Areas of Knowledge

The first element of the RPL report is titled “The Key Areas of Knowledge” and allows candidates to demonstrate the gained skills through learning.   

2. Project Report

The report’s second element is the “Project Report form,” which allows candidates to express their interest in working for the organization as long as the project report form is clear, whether temporary, permanent, or on the organization’s aided visa; ACS must accept the RPL report.

3. Database Administrator Qualifications / Skill level

The Database administrator for ACS falls under the category of ANZSCO 262111 Skill level 1, which is an indicative skill level for DBA. Most occupation in this unit group has a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. For DBA, too, the candidate should have a bachelor’s degree / higher qualification, and at least five years of relevant experience in ICT is essential for qualification. Also, in some cases, experience and on-the-job training may be required.

4. Database Administrator Salary

Salaries range from 48,900 AUD (the lowest) to 144,000 AUD (the highest). 

RPL Report Sample for Database Administrator

RPL Report sample for Database Administrator

1. ACS RPL Report Sample I for Database Administrator 

“Secure Backup Software System at Sprout Technology” is the project’s name.

In our first RPL Project Report, we described our client’s project while they were working on the “Secure Backup Software System at Sprout Technology.” During the duration of this project, the client was required to follow and complete the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • To develop and manage database architecture, structures, and data tables to ensure that all data master files are accurate and complete.
  • To plan backups and restore data while protecting data security and integrity.
  • To implement and maintain documentation, instructions, proposed strategies, and data processing.
  • To use the established quality testing technique to test and modify the database system, such as discovering and correcting problems with data or records.
  • A database administrator’s major responsibility is to oversee system security and disaster recovery operations, processes, and procedures.

2. ACS RPL Report Sample II for Database Administrator

The project is Customer Behavior Prediction Using Web Usage Mining at Websearch Information Technology. In the second RPL Project Report, we detailed our client’s project, “Customer Behavior Prediction Using Web Usage Mining at Web Search Information Technology.” During the duration of this project, the client was required to follow and complete the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Cooperate with external sources such as service providers, security agents, and suppliers to assess, suggest, build, and manage software security applications while adhering to the agreed-upon terms, performance delivery, and service level agreements.
  2. Analyze and resolve major hardware and software faults and malfunctions connected to servers, workstations, and communication infrastructure.
  3. Create and maintain documentation, recommended strategies, and guidelines, and keep a complete record of system logs and operational processes.
  4. Ensure that website designs are created so that the components can communicate with one another and monitor network performance.
  5. Identifying future network demands and making recommendations for network enhancement.
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Occupations on 2621 Unit Group

Occupations in unit group 2621 mostly have a requirement of meeting skill level equivalent with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. If you don’t have so, you can substitute academic qualifications by applying with at least five years of relevant experience and/or relevant certification from the employer in the respective field. Following are the occupations in the 2621 unit group:

  • 262111: Database Administrator
  • 262112: ICT Security Specialist
  • 262113: Systems Administrator
  • 262114: Cyber Governance Risk and Compliance Specialist
  • 262115: Cyber Security Advice and Assessment Specialist
  • 262116: Cyber Security Analyst
  • 262117: Cyber Security Architect
  • 262118: Cyber Security Operations Coordinator

Database Administrator Average Salary in Australia

In the year 2023, the average database administrator salary in Australia has already reached up to 106,000 AUD per year on average, i.e., about 54.36 AUD per hour. This is the average annual pay, including housing, transportation, and other amenities. Salaries for database administrators vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, and region. Even if you want to start with entry-level positions, you can earn 95,464 AUD per year. After a few years of experience, Database Administrators can easily make up to 138,541 AUD per year.

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