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    IEPNG Papua New Guinea

    IEPNG is an engineering institution in Papua New Guinea that conducts a competency-based assessment (CBA). Now they are not pursuing the usual assessment of skills rather than the competency-based evaluation systems (CBAS).

    So may have a lot of questions about what’s CBA? Or what is IEPNG? Don’t be afraid! Demand assistance from for Engineering Competency Assessment Report (ECR) to engineers in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

    Competency Based Assessment for IEPNG

    What is Competency Based Assessment (CBA)?

    Competency Assessment is the process of checking and testing if the candidate engineers educational qualification accredited with Washington Accord, if not an equivalent qualification then it is accepted by PERB and IEPNG or if not, then based on the evidence of work samples, an assessment can be made to determine if the person has the knowledge required to perform complex engineering task.

    The engineer who doesn’t have an accredited qualification from Washington Accord then their skills and knowledge are assessed using the working experience evidence and find out if they are competent and able to perform complex engineering tasks/projects etc. The two key areas tested for assessment are: Engineering Knowledge and Competence in accordance with accepted standards and ethics.

    As per the guidelines given by the Institution of Engineers, we write CBA (competency-based evaluation). They check engineers ‘ level of competence whether or not they are fit as technical officers and engineers nation or expatriates. So you should be aware of the following questionnaires before completing this IEPNG assessment application.

    What is the Competency-Based Assessment System (CBAS)?
    Who will take up Competency-Based Assessment?
    What are the steps and processes that are involved with CBA?
    What is the validity period?
    How to write competency-based assessment (CBA) for IEPNG?

    Types of CBA to register IEPNG

    There are three types of CBA in order to register IEPNG.

    1. Evidence-based
    Here, the candidate's evidence against the standard is checked. So it is said that only those that can be proven if personal demands for the same are mentioned.
    2. Participatory
    The candidate and assessor are involved here and discuss how and what can be collected to judge against the standard.
    3. Criterion-referenced
    Applicants are assessed on the basis of qualifications or industry standard or the criteria given.

    How to prepare Competency Based Assessment (CBA) to ensure positive outcomes?

    Competency-Based Assessment (CBS) is one of the kinds of assessment process in which applicants are only examined and tested if they are an engineering candidate and are :

    Engineering knowledge
    Engineering competency report
    Qualified in engineering with a qualification from the Washington Accord and if not an equivalent qualification recognized by IEPNG.
    Or if not, then depending on the competency report presented; an evaluation can be made to decide whether the engineer has the necessary knowledge to conduct a complex engineering function in their domain.

    Who are eligible to apply in CBA for IEPNG?

    There are four basic evaluation standards: fair or equal, flexible/versatile, reliable and valid/true. Only the following are eligible and qualified to apply as professional engineers to the CBA.

    Engineers fellows of the Institution or Members who are professional Registered engineers.
    Professional Engineering-Companions, Graduate Members, Students and Technicians
    Engineering Technologist Registers
    Engineering Technician Register

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    Duties and responsibilities

    Duties of professional engineers in IEPNG – Papua New Guinea

    IEPNG Professional Engineers Competence Standard in Papua New Guinea.

    Investigate and analyze relevant information utilizing quantitative and qualitative techniques.
    Design or come up with solutions to complex and serious engineering problems along with good professional engineering practice.
    Accepts responsibility for his/her engineering activities
    Plans, schedules, organizes and monitors the advancement of projects or events r activities to produce specified outcomes in a timely manner.
    Establish policies, procedures, and guidelines for risk management to control protection and hazards during construction/manufacturing and life cycles of products
    Research and consider possible cultural, social and ecological impact and consultations where necessary
    Understands the ethical codes of IEPNG and/or CPEng
    Develops empathy and makes active use of listening skills when communicating with others
    Demonstrates dedication to knowledge and skills growth and development
    Peers appreciate his / her ability to exercise sound judgment in the field of engineering
    Maintain the currency of his or her knowledge and skills in engineering
    Identify, understand and apply applicable engineering knowledge
    Understands and follows the special requirements of engineering in the jurisdictions in which he / she works properly

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