Top 6 most employable degrees in Australia

Top 6 most employable degrees in Australia.
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Top 6 most employable degrees in Australia

Are you searching for the best employable degrees in Australia that lead to great career opportunities? Whether you’re thinking about going back to school or changing careers, picking the right degree is crucial.

Australia is a fantastic place for higher education, with lots of universities offering a variety of courses. Some degrees have better job prospects, but it’s crucial to think about what each degree can offer. For international students looking to study in Australia, popular courses like finance, engineering, and architecture can lead to well-paying jobs and opportunities like permanent resident after graduation.

But wait, there’s more! Future-focused degrees like computer science and healthcare are also worth checking out. And if job security is a top priority, degrees like nursing and education are solid choices. The key is to find degrees that match your interests and career goals. Luckily, Australian universities provide excellent education with many respected degrees.

How will we figure this out? We will get into all the details of employable degrees in Australia for international students in 2024. A fantastic list of degrees that give you the skills, knowledge, and job readiness for success in the Australian job market. Let’s explore your possibilities!

Demand for Skilled Workers in Australia in 2024

Australia’s need for skilled workers remains robust in 2024 and beyond. In a thriving economy and job market, employers are on the lookout for individuals with the right education, experience, and skills. The demand is high, especially in healthcare, construction, IT, and education. If you’ve got qualifications and experience in these areas, you’re set for job opportunities and career growth.

Looking to work in Australia? Good news – the demand for skilled workers is high and expected to stay that way in 2024 and beyond. The job market is buzzing, thanks to a growing economy and evolving industries. So, what are they looking for? Skilled workers in healthcare, construction, IT, and education.

If you’ve got the right education, experience, and skills in these areas, you’re in a great position to land a job and advance your career down under. But the job market is not playing its part. The Australian government is also launching the best employable degrees in Australia to attract skilled workers from around the world. This makes Australia an attractive destination for those seeking job opportunities.

Thinking about making the move? Consider what industries are booming and make sure your qualifications match the job market’s needs. Here’s a breakdown of where the action is:

  • Healthcare

The need for healthcare pros is soaring, thanks to an aging population. Nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals are particularly in demand. If you’re in nursing or medicine, Australia’s healthcare system has a spot for you.

  • Construction

The construction industry is booming, driven by continuous projects and urban development. Whether you’re in civil engineering, architecture, or related fields, there are thrilling opportunities. They create these options to influence and shape Australia’s physical landscape.

  • Information Technology

Tech is everywhere, and so is the need for IT professionals. Whether your interest lies in computer science, data science, or cybersecurity, a variety of career paths await you. This ranges from software development to data analysis.

  • Education

Australia’s dedication to education results in a consistent demand for skilled professionals. You need to specialize in teaching, whether in primary, secondary, or special education. After that, you’ll discover abundant opportunities to make a positive impact on students’ lives.

Understanding what industries are looking for skilled workers is the key to a successful career in Australia. Keep an eye on the best employable degrees in Australia, match your qualifications with market needs, and take advantage of government initiatives. With the right strategy, you can come across the Australian job market and make your move a success.

Top Employable Degrees in Australia

Top Employable Degrees in Australia

1. Healthcare Degrees

Australia’s healthcare industry is another most employable degree in Australia that is expanding and creating a demand for skilled professionals. Degrees in nursing, medicine, and allied health provide graduates with exceptional job prospects.
Australia has lots of people, and many of them are getting older. This means there’s a big need for people who can help with health stuff. That’s where degrees in Health and Medical Sciences come in. 

Whether you’re interested in nursing, physiotherapy, or health services, there are many paths to explore.
Choosing this kind of degree isn’t about getting a job; it’s about making a real difference in people’s lives. As a healthcare pro, you’re part of a team that keeps everyone healthy and happy. Also, there’s always something new to learn, and you’re part of a field that’s always growing.

  • Nursing

Nursing is one of Australia’s top healthcare professions, expecting a 12.9% growth by 2024. This high demand is due to the aging population, making nursing the most employable degree. Students in nursing programs gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. These programs prepare them for roles in hospitals, clinics, and aged care facilities.

  • Medicine

Medicine offers excellent career prospects and is in high demand. They pave the way for roles as doctors, specialists, researchers, or educators. Graduates can explore various settings such as hospitals, clinics, and government agencies.

  • Allied Health

Degrees in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology provide versatile career options. These fields encompass rehabilitation, disability support, and community health. The increasing focus on preventative healthcare, coupled with an aging population. This service creates opportunities for impactful and rewarding careers in these fields

2. Technology and Engineering Degrees

Technology is reshaping our world. Degrees in computer science and cybersecurity provide the skills needed in this dynamic industry. Technology connects everything in today’s world. Degrees in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science are like magic keys that open up so many job opportunities. Businesses need people who understand IT – making software, keeping things safe online, and figuring out big piles of data. 

If you’re into computers and tech stuff, this degree is like a ticket to a bunch of cool jobs. The best part is that you don’t have to stick to one thing. You could be making the next awesome app, keeping hackers away, or even helping companies understand their data better. 

With an IT or Computer Science degree, you’re not only learning cool things; you’re also getting ready for an in-demand job market that’s always changing. You can work on different projects and even help solve big global problems. Whether it’s making sure buildings are safe or inventing new ways to do things, engineers are the ones who make the world work better.

Do you like building things or figuring out how stuff works? Engineering might be the way to go. In Australia, we’re all about making cool things happen – like new buildings, using renewable energy, and coming up with smart ideas. Engineering degrees cover lots of areas, from designing bridges to creating new gadgets.

  • Computer Science

Graduates in this field have skills in various fields. Fields include software engineering, web development, and artificial intelligence. They can pursue rewarding careers in finance, healthcare, and education. Roles such as software developers, data analysts, or system architects are well within their reach.

  • Information Technology

Australia’s growing IT industry demands skilled professionals. A degree in information technology provides students with the knowledge and skills. Roles in software development, data analysis, and computer network management demand these skills.

  • Data Science

It offers excellent career prospects. Data science graduates can work in various industries. These fields include finance and healthcare, as well as business intelligence and analytics.

  • Cybersecurity

With growing concerns for cybersecurity, graduates in this field can expect high demand. Opportunities span various industries, including government, defense, and finance. Generally, it cooperates with roles as cybersecurity analysts, consultants, or network administrators.

3. Business Degrees

The world becomes easier with degrees in accounting and management, providing career options. Ever wondered how businesses function or how money influences the world? That’s what Business and Finance degrees cover. Australia values people with skills in financial management, marketing strategy, and entrepreneurship.

The great thing about studying business is that it opens up a ton of possibilities. You could end up working in a bank, helping companies make better decisions, or even starting your own cool project. It’s not about numbers; it’s about understanding how businesses tick and being part of making them successful.

  • Accounting

Accounting is a critical function in organizations accounting degrees. This option leads to careers as auditors, tax consultants, or financial analysts.

  • Finance

Finance degrees open doors to roles in banking, insurance, and investment management. It provides opportunities for financial analysts, investment bankers, or portfolio managers.

  • Business Administration

In Australia, business administration degrees are in high demand. They offer students the skills to manage businesses and organizations.

  • Management

Management degrees provide leadership skills and open doors to careers. These careers include project managers, operations managers, or human resource managers in industries.

4. Arts Degrees

Arts degrees open the door to many creative job opportunities in fields like media, advertising, and design. You can specialize in graphic design, journalism, or film studies.

  • Graphic Design

This is important in advertising and marketing. If you study graphic design, you can work as a designer, web developer, or art director.

  • Journalism

With a journalism degree, you can become a reporter, editor, or broadcaster with a journalism degree. With it, you can dive into areas like investigative journalism or sports reporting.

  • Film Studies

Film studies prepare you for careers as producers or directors in the film and television industry. Choosing this field opens doors to exciting opportunities in the dynamic world of entertainment.

5. Education Degrees

If you love helping others learn and grow, an Education degree might be the right fit for you. Australia needs more teachers, and by choosing this degree, you’re becoming a key player in shaping the future. Whether you want to teach little kids or teenagers, there’s a path for you in education.

Being a teacher is not a job; it’s a chance to inspire and guide the next generation. With an education degree, you’re not learning how to teach; you’re gaining the skills to make a positive impact on young minds. It’s a rewarding journey where every day is a new opportunity to make a difference.

Education degrees are one of the in-demand employable degrees that enable graduates to impact society by preparing the next generation. Primary, secondary, and special education degrees offer skills to teach and mentor students.

  • Primary Education

Primary education degrees equip graduates to teach young children. This education leads to roles as primary school teachers or educational consultants.

  • Secondary Education

This education provides skills for high school teaching. Secondary education graduates become high school teachers, subject specialists, or educational administrators.

  • Special Education

Special education degrees prepare graduates to teach and support students. It helps with disabilities, offering roles as special education teachers, therapists, or advocates.

6. Psychology Degrees

Psychology is a popular and growing profession in Australia. There is an increasing demand for qualified psychologists.

  • Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology degrees empower graduates to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. This opens doors to roles in hospitals, clinics, private practices, research, teaching, or advocacy.

  • Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology degrees empower graduates to help individuals with mental health issues. This opens doors to work in counseling centers, private practices, research, teaching, or advocacy.

  • Educational Psychology

These degrees prepare graduates to support students’ mental health in educational settings. It leads to roles in schools, universities, research institutions, or advocacy.


Choosing a degree that opens doors to exciting careers is a significant step for your future. Choosing degrees can lead to fulfilling and rewarding career paths in Australia’s vibrant job market. For example, Information Technology, Health and Medical Sciences, Engineering, or Education

These employable degrees in Australia go beyond learning; they prepare you for a world that’s always evolving. With each of these fields, you’re not acquiring knowledge; you’re becoming part of something greater. It’s innovating in technology, promoting health, and constructing remarkable structures. Also, managing businesses, preserving the environment, or molding young minds.

As the job market transforms, these degrees serve as your pass to an ever-expanding realm of possibilities. They aren’t keys to jobs; they’re keys to shaping the future and contributing to societal progress.

So, as you embark on this educational journey, remember that the choices you make today are paving the way for a tomorrow. Filled with exciting opportunities and meaningful contributions.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always look for the advice of a migration agent or contact the Department of Home Affairs.